A few questions...

Right, after going to my local TA centre to join the Med Regt, I have come away slightly confused.

I asked to join the Med Regt as a medic, as I was an RMA when I was a reg. But I was taken into the OTC office, as I am now a student and they suggested that I join the OTC either as a Tom or as a OCDT. Now the OC/Adj is phoning me up tomorrow to talk to me.

1) Will the OTC OC who is phoning me up tomorrow also going to be incharge of the Med Regt? I can PM the regt if anyone wants to know where I went.

2) The Sgt Major said he could use me as a squaddie (I somehow get attached to the OTC as a soldier) to provide medical cover, drive and assist the PSI's. Can they actually do this?
I get the feeling if I do, do this, then I will be doing just menial tasks and no actual soldiering.


I know, but I went to the med regt barracks. Also I am also using my words very carefully on here, as I don't know who is reading it. I kept saying I wanted to join as a medic, so thats why I'm a little confused as to the OTC OC phoning me up, I thought he might have been OC of both (though I doubt it). And I'm going to explain that again tomorrow.

But, when I say can they actually do this, I mean is it possible to have someone join the OTC as a TA soldier, which is how the Sgt Major made it sound. Although If can join the TA reg, then I wont mind assisting the OTC, as the money would come in handy.
Not as far as I am aware , the TA is the TA and the OTC is ,well whatever it is . Maybe you need to do the hard sell, ie

"I'm Brian, been in the mob 6 years as a medic, dontcha know, fully qualified tea jocky etc up for a bit of hard work in the blood box"

Or something, bottom line is they cannot turn you away or force you to join the OTC just becuase you are a student and I assume a mature one at that
OK, so I take it So they are trying to fob me off with the OTC so they can use me to assist the PSI's and provide medical cover, etc. I'll just have to explain tomorrow when they phone, that I am looking to join the TA as a soldier.

I am a little disapointed, but I suppose as soon as I walked in with my little red book say I was a Uni student looking to transfer off the reserve list to the TA, they obviously thought they would try and get me first as I have courses/quals they need.

edited to say - I am a mature student, but I've only just turned 25, so I suppose they will also try and get me to join the OTC as I will still be young enough to join up again when I graduate.
They will probably enlist you into the TA. Then they can POST you to the OTC as an attatched Medic. This may be what they are trying to do but not explaining clearly. Ask the rupert tomorrow. Good Luck.
At my OTC we had Medics attached, from the RAMC who shared the same centre as us.

But then we also had med students in the OTC, who given they'd be fully fledged doctors, automatically qualify for commissioning, and OTC training is good prep for sandhurst.

I concur with Polar... you tell them what you want to do. One thing i would say though, is if they plan to attach you to an OTC anyway, then i'd rather be an OCdt in it, more fun and you'll be more accepted by your Uni peers.

There are several reasons I would rather be a member of the TA regt, rather than OTC.

1) I was a level 7 soldier before I left, so if this carries over, I will be paid more as a soldier than an OCdt.
2) The TA bounty - I'm sure I read on here ex-regs qualify for the maximum level bounty thats nearly 1500 quid, tax free.
3) I have been told that a TA regt is more understanding of Uni commitments that an OTC.
4) I was downgraded when I was in the Army - I don't think on that side off things, I would be able to do the OTC training anyway - I was P3LE perm, which is one of the reason I was employed as a medic as I retrictions night driving, shooting, etc. Whereas according to the 'Bridging the Gap' (I think thats where I read it) booklet I was given, I can be accepted into the TA as long as I apply within 6months of leaving the Army.
5) I enjoyed being an RMA.

Although, thanks for the advice so far,

Mate. Do not go to the OTC as a Medic. All you will be doing is giving first aid and medical assistance to pretty girls aged between 18 and 22 years old. You should go to the TA where you can give first aid and medical assistance to middle-aged sweaty blokes instead.

On a slightly more serious note, both the OTC and the Medical Regiment will be part of the TA. The Med Regt is a Group A TA, the type we know and love. The OTC is a Group B TA unit. You will get paid the same if you serve with either unit
Just thought I would update people.

I visited my local TAC last night, and they seem to be taking me a lot more seriously, considering Wales OTC didn't even bother phoning back after I visited them. So it looks like I am getting what I wanted - it just depends on the medical. Although the PSI doesn't think it will be a problem.

I must say, I was very impressed as they seemed to stress that I can commit as little or as much as I want. Which is exactly what I wanted to hear, considering my degree is pretty intense. I was also impressed when the PSI said I would be able to go on attachments to military hospitals, during uni breaks, as this will give me useful experience for when I start applying for postgraduate training.

But one thing that does strike me as odd, is he said as I am ex-reg, it will take around about three months to get the paperwork from APC.



edited to say: I will be commiting myself fully during term breaks, just not as much during term time.

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