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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nickhannam, Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I will hopefully be attending AFC Harrogate in January next year and have a few questions about army life in general (mostly the social side) and would appreciate any help. I know most of these, if not all, will have been answered at one point but it would be nice to get a more personalized set of replies :)

    1. I have read a lot on the forum about gatherings, parties, volume wars etc going on in the accommodations. Is this after phase 1 and 2 training that this sort of things becomes acceptable (to an extent) or is the staff this lenient during training?

    2. AFC Harrogate is for 16-17 year olds so how will the staff feel about drinking on a weekend (on/off camp, after the first 6 weeks)

    3. How hard is it to gain a promotion? How often is it that someone who deserves to be of a higher rank is kept on the same level for longer than he should be?

    4. For someone joining the infantry (1/2 Yorks), what is life like after training on a day to day basis? How are you kept busy aside from tours?

    5. How often do you tour as part of an infantry unit?

    Answers to all or any of these would be appreciated !

  2. WTF is a volume war?? I'm guessing you turn your stereo up loud? If so, that's an easy one.....smash their speakers in.

    Never had a volume war in my life!

    You won't be drinking, so that answer most of your questions.
  3. well ive seen it mentioned a few times on this forum... maybe a different generation to your own :?

    And yeah i will most likely be drinking seeing as im there for the year with 80% of my weekends spent back home.

    I could forgive you for looking at my post and assuming I'm joining to get paid and party on a weekend but I can find out most of the general info i need on the proper sites so just thought id be better off asking about the social life on here..

    Any input regarding the other questions? Seeing as you actually only answered one of them as apposed to 'most' :)

  4. I call WAH on account of the 'proper sites' comment.
  5. nope, none....

    Why join the Army to go home every weekend? I joined the Army to get away from home, not run back all the time.
  6. Jesus.

    By 'proper sites' i was referring to armyjobs.mod.uk etc where I'd be able to find all the usual 'how to apply', the different stages of an application, education in the army, rates of pay, etc.

    And the fact that you obviously had problems at home and/or had no friends has nothing to do with the fact i actually have people I'll be wanting to catch up with.

    But **** me I'll ask elsewhere. :roll:
  7. Not at all......you'll understand what I mean about not wanting to go home when/if you you join the Army
  8. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Drinking, you shouldn't be allowed to drink on camp during your training period (what actually happens may be completely different).
    If you all behave like complete tits, with stereo noise at all hours, twatting about when unsupervised you will soon find out what corrective after hours training is all about from your NCO's.
    As you are what amounts to "boy service" any rank you may achieve will not carry on to your parent unit when you join, promotion at your inf battalion will be after taking part in cadres and courses to assess your capabilities. If you're a twat your Plt Sgt probably won't recommend you for a cadre.

    And I agree with PrinceAlbert why would you want to go home? The best times are had with your army mates not your civvy ones. You can do what you want obviously but going home wouldn't be on my list every weekend.

  9. As PA mentions - you join up to **** off and get away. (Then coming home is a treat and not a chore, you can catch up with your mates anytime; send them a postcard, give them a call or send them a video/picture from; a Canadian whore house, a random pub in Ireland, a Police cell in Poland, some random blokes front room in Liechtenstein or a hospital/police station/whore house all of the above in Hanover.)

    If you want to stay in one location and wear green stuff; join the MPGS.

    If you want to get out and about and **** up other people's countries, taste the weirdest tasting drinks and women on the planet and get some good diseases that will shock the most hardened GUM nurse then join the Army.
  10. what a moody prick.

  11. sorry if i came off as a prick.

    Yeah i know what you mean i will want to spend a lot of my time at the college but i live in leeds which is only an hour from Harrgate so ill probably end up spending a few weekends back home.

    Thanks for the advice!
  12. if its the same army i joined you will soon fook off your own local haunts in leeds and go to tottsville which is where your muckers are from on any time off! fresh meat an all that! tally ho !!
    where the fook is Harrgate!??
  13. yeah i can see that happening!

    And it's where the Army Fundation Course is up north
  14. 1. Block parties happen, more often than not later on in the month when the money is running out and cheap supermarket beer is preferred over heading into town. They will not happen during basic training, the college is probably dry.

    2. As above, probably a dry camp due to the presence of under age personnel. I went through Arborfield (ATFC) and that was dry for the same reasons.

    3. Depends on how much of a twat you are.

    4. Don't know, I went and got a trade.

    5. as above

    As for going 'home' every weekend, you'll probably find that very quickly your 'mates' at home aren't worth going home for.
  15. As Bovril has said, once you find out that your mates are civvies you'll **** them off.

    You'll also find out rather quickly that your civvy mates are going nowhere in life, and they have nothing interesting to talk about.

    You think I'm joking? Wait out....