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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Jess1601, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys...

    So I know quite a few people have posted subjects like this and I have had a look through but there are some questions I would like to ask that I haven't really found the answers to so I was hoping somebody might be able to help!!?

    I am 25 female and I am seriously considering joining the TA, I live near Poole. I would like to join up and be involved in the medical side of things if at all possible, I have my NVQ 2 in health and social care and the access to social work and nursing course level 3. I have read that I could join as a HCA but I am not currently working in a acute care setting is this a requirement or a preference? However I do have over 3 years experience from working at poole hospital NHS trust. However saying all this what really appeals to me is the combat medical technician is there any chance of me joining up in this role?

    Also I have started training myself now but I'm not that great at the running, I'm not over weight and I have an average BMI in fact I am probably a little under weight....do I wait until I am fit enough before even applying or do I have enough time in between the process as I have read it takes a while?

    Sorry to go on... I really appreciate any help and feedback

    Many Thanks

  2. Do you want to specialise or just go to your local unit? If you specialise you may have to travel some distance but if you want to just join your local unit then call them up and arrange to go in for a chat. As for training keep on running and do a few sessions a week and you should be fine. The unit you contact will be able to give you more information.

    Click on this link and have a good look:
    ARRSEpedia TA portal
  3. try 243 ramc in poole if you wanna be a medic hope this helps
  4. Jess,
    Regarding joining up, if you are keen to sign up then I recommend that you see the unit you wish to join and get the ball rolling. Speak to them about the frequency/availability of the RSWs (Recruit Selection Weekends).
    The paperwork and boring stuff will take at the very least a couple of weeks to get through, it's then a case of waiting out for an RSW date. And if by that time (a few weeks, at least) you still don't feel ready fitness wise, there shouldn't be an issue in postponing your RSW to a later date.

    Get all the paperwork crap out of the way, continue to work on your fitness in the meantime (But remember, you aren't expected to be in the same bracket of fitness as the lads and lasses coming out of training. I didn't feel like I was very fit when I went on my RSW, but I went anyway and suprised myself. This was a couple of years ago so you might need to get more up to date info on your RSW though)
    Obviously the unit you contact will have the nitty gritty on the information and guidance you want.
    Good luck.
  5. Hi Jess

    How are you, im fine :)

    Anyway i find it quite refreshing to read and hear how fit alot of the females are who join-up, it's not been too long since girls were aloud to serve as such, but if you do decide to join-up you'l have plenty of time to get in shape if you pass selection,and start workin on your fitness now because the RSW will come round in double quick time, look at getting around 11-12 mins for a 1.5 mile run.

    If you do pass your RSW get into a routine with your fitness and stick to it, it might be difficult what with work and all but you'l crack it if your determined enough, and i volunteer to be your first patient :D Good luck.......
  6. Wah Shield on....

    erm define not too long? there's been women in the TA for the whole time I've been in which on reflection isnt that long, only 16 years, but am damn sure they were allowed in before that.
  7. I first banged a WRAC some 18 years ago.
  8. My Mother was a T A officer between university and joining the RAF . She's nearly seventy now , so TA girls have been around for at least fifty years .
  9. Thank you for all your replies....they have been very helpful. I really appreciate it!! I'm gonna get in to contact with the unit in poole and take it from there...by any chance does anyone know what this unit is like???
  10. I'm confused.... do I have to be a medical professional to join a field hospital unit as this is what I am reading???
  11. Just contact the unit and ask them.
  12. Boxy

    What i meant was "girls serving on the front line" and the T.A as i remember never had much of a look in when its members wanted to go on Ops, it's all changed now though and the T.A are getting recognised for being an important part of the army,

    Still dont make sense to me either but i'm sure i knew what i was on about when i wrote it :?