A few questions...starting november...

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hi all,

after reading through some of the threads and pissing myself in laughter (from cracking a mr whippy out, pissing in someones shoes to ******* puppies) i know that the amount of actual advice i may get here may be limited...but i suppose thats what keeps the forum active...trolling through the wit..or attempted wit...to find an answer...


i was wondering a few things and looking for some help guys..

starting training at ATR Pirbright in November.

Xmas leave?
Pay for new recruits? how often? when does it change ? (phase one 14 weeks phase two at int)
if you don't pass vetting, in phase 1..what happens? job choice? auto select 2nd choice?
what happens in the break between phase one and two?
get my own boots for phase one?
any any info you can chip in (i know thats opening the thread up for a ridiculous amount of sarcastic bollocks but maybe..just maybe....i will get some good answers?)

looking forward to it... its been a long wait! thanks all in advance for those that reply with any help...and for those that post some bollocks...if its funny..good effort..if not..i suppose i will waste even more of my life trolling through it :x
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