A few questions regarding the selection process

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dixie66, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. I passed ADSC this week and I've been put forward for the INT Corps selection process at Chicksands. After a phone call with those concerned my recruiter told me that the only advice released from the Corps, is for me to keep up to date with current affairs, research the Corps in depth, national and international politics and all current military operations around the world not just involving fighting, so also diplomatic and humanitarian missions.

    From what I have found out regarding INT Corps selection, there will be a series of psychometric and memory tests, group exercises, icebreakers and the MLAT, finishing with an interview.

    I fully appreciate that the selection process should be kept as secretive as possible, so hopefully my questions are fairly benign and don't come across that I'm trying to dig out too much information.

    1. How often are there selections at Chicksands?, ADSC are daily throughout the year but I have been told that the wait between ADSC and Chicksands can be lengthy. I have read that there are three INT Corps intakes a year with the next in January 2010 but no such information on the selection spots.

    2. What are the general numbers of candidates at a selection and are they all mixed sex?

    3. Does the Corps have a set quota on the number of entrants per year or is it that if you show enough potential then you'll earn a place in phase 2?. With modest GCSE and A level results and some knowledge of Russian I feel I may be outclassed in the academic department by those with degrees and several languages under their belts.

    I did well at ADSC, it was tough but I gained a high 'B' grade with an 'A' in fitness, 34/55 on the technical selection test and a good report, hopefully with enough research and current attributes I will give a good account of myself at selection.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. To be honest if you have to ask, it's a pretty poor show. You are a becoming bit high-maintenance

    Unless you are a dwarf, or your name is Terry Towel., I really would give up now.
  3. Good try at gathering int, but you've been told what you need to know. Be yourself, they know what they're looking for and, if you're it, will select you. If you're not, they won't.

  4. the idea of our game is to try and get information whilst giving away as little as possible. you've done the opposite. your post narrows you down to a pool of approximately... one. it's pretty good going to "out" yourself so comprehensively to the Corps recruiting WO in one post. he now has all your other Arrse posts (past and future) to read through, in order to aid his decision when you sit in front of him... :D

    hopefully that will stop the bone questions
  5. I see your point and it's quite an own goal but I have nothing to hide in my posts, my questions since I joined have been asked respectively and with genuine interest. I have also passed on advice from my experiences at ADSC to others interested.

    I think maybe I have underestimated the use of this forum by officials and in that respect please excuse my naivety, but i'm sure it could have been worst if I had a history of disrespectful posts. I hope that the powers be take what I have posted in the last month or so in a positive light, if anything it shows my enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge and respect for the Corps and serving soldiers. My thread regarding '89 Military Intelligence Section' and '47 Air Despatch Squadron' in the RLC forum are two examples of my quest for information unavailable from sources at my disposal.

    But you are right, maybe I should instead apply to join the 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment as my former has been firmly placed in the latter!! :oops:

    The bone questions will be no more, just plenty of silent research online, in the papers and at the library.
  6. His use of English and grammar has improved dramatically :?

    From having a `murmour` to an `A` fitness grade is also a great improvement :?
  7. Ahhh indeed, asking for information to do with the Int Corps, is like asking a cow for a dissitation on how the First World War came about, from the perspective of a camel. Priceless.

    But go on amazon, there are quite a few good books out there with background information on the Corps history, however the rest is just to be left to your imagination, but good luck anyhoooo.

  8. Dissitation, is that a new word?


    Next time you want to be a smart arse - try being smart.