A few questions RE: Driver Air Despatcher.

Hi, I am new to this forum and this is my first post, I am just looking for a little help regarding this AD role.

I went to my local careers office today as I am very interested in this role and did all the basic things you do when you go there, and have all the form to fill out as well as an interview arranged.

What I would like to know is; as the role suggests you are a driver and an air despatcher, do you get to do both?.... my two main interests are the flying side of things, and also driving, as I am currently an MTD, on a RAF reserve squadron, and have enjoyed some flying whilst being there.

How different is the role of AD to that of an RAF mover?

Is the AD trade a 'good' trade to go into, will it be as hands on as it says, I am an outdoors person and could not do admin/staring at a computer screen, is each day usually different to the last?

Any thoughts very much appreciated, I have also read the post by caterine_r, and gained as much info as I can from that.

Many thanks.
As the name suggests, you will indeed get to do both driving and Air Despatching.
Our MT section covers more miles a year than most regiments, this is usually to and from the drop zones collecting the stuff we've dropped. As a Tom you'll probably serve in the MT section within you first year at the Sqn.
The rest of the time you will be rigging loads for air drop, and then installing them onto the aircraft, you will then fly as part of the despatch crew to the drop zone where you'll despatch the load.

Is every day different, Not always, but some days will be the best days of your life.

How do we differ from RAF movers, we're professional to the end! oh and we fly with our loads, they just put theirs on the aircraft and go back to the crew room for doughnuts,cakes and tea.
Hi, many thanks for taking the time to respond and answering my questions, I am not too bothered about spending some time on MT as it is what I do now, and mostly enjoy it :) so I am pleased to hear I will get to be involved with both parts rather than just one or the other.

I understand there is definitely quite alot of flying involved and travel, this would be a bonus and one of the biggest draws...how often do you go away on exercises or 'tasks'... I am not sure if that is what you call it.

Also, the guy at the careers office said it was a very high chance I'd end up at Brize for my first posting, which I am pleased to hear, it is also only 50mins from home, more to the point, I originally joined the movers at 4624 when I left college, but didn't like it and have now nearly spent 2 years with another squadron, what is the likelyhood of working with 4624?

Sorry for all the questions, I realise some of them you may not be able to answer, but it's worth a try :)
The guy at the AFCO is technically right about the posting to Brize, but only after we [AD] (potentially) move after Lyneham closes, (or not).

as for working with movers, it's just one of the crosses we [AD] have to bear.
but it's not often and tends to be on a one to one basis, and like all trades one on one there are good and bad.

If your that interested speak to our training wing and sort out a fam visit.
they'll answer all you questions.
PM for the number or phone MOD 192.
That would be brilliant, I will send a message for the number, would love to find out more before my interview. Thanks.

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