a few questions on my re enlistment

1 . Just re enlisted through my local ACIO i have since spoken to the desk officer incharge of me and he said i have been accepted with no loss of rank and the papers have been sent to the color section this was 2 weeks ago and my ACIO still have not recieved them what is color section in glasgow and could they of stopped my re enlistment or is this normal

2 . when i spoke to the desk Officer he said i will be going to Germany which is great
Just a few worries when the ACIO recieve my papers and i have my medical how long till i get a posting order,
Am i entitled to removals and Disturbance allowance
Thanks in advance
same question posted in RHQ spread the load lol
Removals and Distrubance, Tsk cheek of it! Shouldn't of got out in the first place! What trade are you?
Given that since the inception of a larger, more efficient MRO at Glasgow (LOL), posting orders can take anything up to 9 weeks to be issued and then only after many phone calls, e-mails, threats etc I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Isn't the disturbance your choice!!!
You will be moved when they want you to and at a time that is not quite convenient to you!

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