a few questions on my re enlistment

1 . Just re enlisted through my local ACIO i have since spoken to the desk officer incharge of me and he said i have been accepted with no loss of rank and the papers have been sent to the color section this was 2 weeks ago and my ACIO still have not recieved them what is color section in glasgow and could they of stopped my re enlistment or is this normal

2 . when i spoke to the desk Officer he said i will be going to Germany which is great
Just a few worries when the ACIO recieve my papers and i have my medical how long till i get a posting order,
Am i entitled to removals and Disturbance allowance
Thanks in advance
Ok i'm no expert however i re-enlisted in 2000, i went to acio in jan 2000 had all the interviews and medicals, i was in by may. Would of been earlier but they lost all my docs and had to start again!!!!!! But your making the right decision mate well done. :D
Don't do it, seriously do not do it. They don't have you by the short and curlys yet.

Just stay the fcuk out and live a much happier life

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