A few questions I hope you could help me with....

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ruledbyjames, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello all!

    I'm a 20 year old Dublin sprog currently on my way to the AOSB briefing. I was wondering could you answer a few of my questions?

    I've been up to Belfast for the chats with the head of Officer recruitment and at the moment am currently set on RIR. I've been sent the Regiments newspaper and there was an article regarding 1st battalions 28 day exercise to Jamaica. Do exercises like these happen often or are they once in a million?

    Also, what percentage of time would a junior Officer spend at the battalion barracks (Inverness soon to be Tern hill) when not on operations?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Hello mate...I wasn't an officer so I can't really help you.. :) I like your user name though!! Very clever!! :D

    What I would say to you though is don't worry about that sort of thing...if you're applying to be an orifice in the British Army then you're applying for a full time career and whatever will be will be (as Cilla Black says). What I mean is you will spend a considerable amount of time out of Garrison be it on exercise or operations and you need to get used to that. If that troubles you then you may wish to consider an alternative career....

    Don't commit yourself to RIR without considering other avenues. Don't get me wrong, the RIR is a first class Regiment but if you are keen on joining an Irish Regiment that is not the only one...e.g. Irish Guards..The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish)..or you may even decide you are better suited to one of the Corps..

    Anyway...your choice, all I'm saying is consider your options and don't get too hung up on the little things....good luck mate. :wink:
  3. the jamaica ex is an annual thing, i think its called Ex Calipso Hop.

    could be wrong
  4. Thanks for your imput!

    The whole idea of operations and excercises really does appeal to me! I mean, I am applying to join another nations armed forces so being away from home is certainly going to be a fact of life! The issue was/is, does a junior officer (or orifice :)) get any time to go home?! Family will always be there but its more an issue of the girl/close friends left at home! It's a matter of fact that on operations and such there will be long periods of seperation but in garisson weekends are generally free.

    The Guards doesn't really appeal to me but I have not looked into QRH what so ever! I will be rectifying the situation though! Thanks again!
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You do get plenty of opportunity to go home when you're out of the operational cycle; unfortunately, at the moment we seem to be in the operational cycle more or less continuously.

    My first job was as a platoon commander in a resident battalion in NI. We did a cycle of 6 weeks on ops in South Armagh, 6 weeks of 'guards and duties' in camp and 6 weeks 'training and courses' followed by two weeks' leave. I reckoned on getting home roughly every other weekend during the duties and courses phases of the cycle, all else being equal. When I didn't go home, it was usually because I had a weekend orderly officer duty, or I just couldn't be arrsed, for one reason or another. My second job was training recruits: I had to do a few Saturday mornings but basically most weekends were free and I bugged out.

    There will be times in your career when you don't seem to get home at all, and times when it isn't a problem but really, that's what the life is all about.
  6. And there will be times when not being able to get home really isn't a problem - but that's married life for you :(
  7. Thanks very much! That sort of first hand knowledge is what I was looking for!

    On a different note, when a soldier/Officer comes back from a tour does his immediate leave eat into the 30 days or is it a token from the Army as if to say "good job there chief"?! I know in the Canadian military, when a soldier arrives home from a operational tour he gets x amount of time to spend on a holiday that is not credited as taking his alotted leave. Just curious!
  8. Some of the finest soldiers I ever served with were from Di Sout! In fact I can state that I never served with a bad one - and they ALL knew how and when to party - and when not to. Best of luck - but do look around first before joining a particular Regt.
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If you're in a battalion or regiment in a garrison, you generally get 'block leave' with everyone else which is based on your allotted leave days. This is normally a couple of weeks at Christmas, a week at Easter and a couple of weeks in the summer, depending on your regiment. You'll also get long weekends every now and again, some Bank Holidays if you're in the UK, etc etc, depending on your CO/OC.

    Op tours throw a spanner into normal routine, but you do get an additional allowance of post operational tour leave (POTL), depending on the length of your tour, when you get back.

    When I was a regular, I don't think I ever used up my full leave allowance but having said that, I did do some operational jobs which gave me a startling amount of stand-down time (including one which had a shift pattern of 7 days of day shifts, 7 days off, 7 days of night shifts, 14 days off :D ).
  10. RuledbyJames - being based in Germany, so in a similar position to the one you may be in, I can say that getting home, when home is overseas and not just an hour or two down the road can be a proper ball ache.

    It's not too bad for me, as I am married and so have no real need to get back too often, but I know that the singlies suffer. Now obviously I presume that getting from Inverness to Ireland may well be quicker and easier than getting from the eye of nowhere in the fatherland back to UK, but it's something to consider.

    Also is girlfirend fully aware of the impact being in the forces will have? Sandhurst wont be easy (not much time off there), followed by a YOs course and then Battalion life (which may take over your calendar for the first few months as they "break you in" - in a nice way of course!). Op tours will obviously mean 6 months away, but you will get R&R in the middle (10 days) and POTL after (normally 4 weeks if a 6 month tour). This is extra to leave entitlement.

    As for getting time for leave as CPunk pointed out, you should get block leave for the whole Bn that allows you to take your 30 days - easter, summer and christmas are the usual - but this again depends on ops and exercises.

    Good luck!