A few questions for the Airtechs

Discussion in 'REME' started by tommyslim, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello.

    I'm joining the army in a couple of months as an aircraft technician, and I have a few questions that I'd be happy if you would answer.
    Thing is, I had some trouble choosing wether the REME was the right way to go. Before I went to the recruitment office I had plans of joining the infantry, because I thought the active lifestyle and camraderie was what I looked for. However, after a few weeks and a number of chats with some serving members, I decided to go for the REME.
    I am looking forward to the airtech job immensely, but I still have this annoying, nagging feeling that I should've gone infantry.

    I think the main reason for me choosing airtech was that I would get to do a fun job and maybe have a chance of getting a decent career in the civil side of aviation afterwards. I would like to know if I'm right about this? If I ever realised that the army wasn't for me, could I get a job as a tecnician, working on helicopters outside of the forces?

    The other issue is this feeling towards the infantry and so on.
    Is there any way to combine the technician job with some sort of posting to another, more "combat-like" unit, like for instance the engineers and their 59 commando? Can an airtech do p-company and the aacc, and if so, where would I get posted? And again, if so, would I only be working on helos or would I have some infantry style jobs to go along with that?

    What would happen if I woke up in five years time and realised that the REME wasn't for me, but the infantry probably was?
    Could I transfer to a different regiment and still keep the qualifications that I got as a tech? How many years before my previous work would amount to nothing?

    I know I'm getting way ahead of myself on most questions, but I'd appreciate it if someone would take the time to answer them all.
    I'm sure I've managed to insult someone with a poorly phrased remark or some bad spelling, but I assure you this was not my intention.

    Thank you.
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    You have to pursue your civil aviation licences. Not easy, not cheap. Being an airtech helps, it gives you a base knowledge to start on, but its not a guaranteed foot in the door.

    See above, with the addition that unlicenced fitters are always in demand, but for less money

    The RE don't have helicopters, so no!

    With the demise of 3BAS/847 as an army posting, its practically impossible. Go Electronic Technician or other "blackhat" trade to open up options in the badge-collecting world.

    Not easy, and if you are Apache trained, pretty much forget it.

    about 5 minutes
  3. 3BAS/847? Would you care to explain??
  4. My recruitment officer told me that any man, regardless of his proffesion, could go for the aacc or p-company. Is this not true?
  5. Aahhhh, one of our recruiters is being economical.....

    You will be able to do P Coy, AFAIK, but you will have to finish your training first - some two years in length. P Coy is sodding difficult and the failure rate is high. Being a para-trained Air Tech is an interesting combination and might be useful.

    You might be able to fly helicopters in due course, but the fact that you are an Air Tech does not give you any advantage. You will have to apply once your training has finished. Many apply - not many are chosen!

    If you doubt that you have selected the right trade, think carefully about this. Technicians are paid more than the average soldier but they have to sit in a classroom for a very long time and pass exams every few weeks. A Level Maths, anyone? Theory of flight? etc.

  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    847 Naval Air Squadron. Used to have army techs working with RM aircrew.

    Since handing it back, no applications for air techs to go AACC ever get endorsed, because there is no requirement any more for a commando trained tech. So your recruiter has pretty much told you a porkie.

    Some guys still go for P Coy, but not many, being part of 16AABde justifies the application for the course. But after spending over 1 1/2 years training, you still have another 12 months of assessment in unit (UT training) before you qualify as a class 2 and can actually sign for your work.

    Put your dreams of P Coy aside until you have achieved this, or choose another trade.

    It sounds to me that the aviation stream is not for you at all. Your ambitions and goals seem to lie elsewhere.
  7. Would also like to add that as well as not being able to do the AACC any more, even if you were able to get time off to do your Para course you would never get the badge. This is because you would be the lowest priority to do your jumps, and the Paras are even finding it difficult nowadays.
  8. i would just like to say tommyslim,


    join the raf instead, they look after thier blokes and the twin breasted top totty is much better looking!!!
  9. If you really feel the need to go either Airborne or Cdo, the best capbadge you could go for is Artillery, they have a regiment of both, but if you go to 29 Cdo and pass the All Arms cdo cse, you get to do your jumps for free and get two badges for the price of one!!
  10. Probably your best bet is to join REME as an Electronics Tech and get posted to 29 Cdo LAD (Royal Artillery) or 59 Cdo LAD (Royal Engineers). With either sub-unit you can follow the advice of G104MEN and get both badges.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated!