A few questions for Instructors

Discussion in 'ACF' started by chillindan, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I originally posted this on the 'ACF Adult Instructor Recruitment Thread' but thought I would start a new thread as well because I know sometimes people ignore 'stickys' on forums. I read to page 4 but the thread seemed to lose the point, so I wanted to ask a couple of questions.

    1 - I am thinking of joining as an AI at my local detachment. I havent been down yet but have had the dvd and read the brochure. It all looks very inviting, but there seems to be quite a lot of discussion on here about power tripping adults. I trust they are in the minority?

    2 - I am ex TA, and was considering rejoining the TA as well, is it possible to do both? Anyone have any experience of doing both?

    3 - If you are already CRB checked and it is still current, can you just produce your certificate? Or do you have to go through the process again? I am asking as I am in the process of starting a new job, and they are doing a CRB check on me already.

    Thats it for now, any comments greatly appreciated.
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You can still do the TA as well,we have both TA officers & o/r ranks in ours.
  3. There are idiots in every walk of life, and the ACF are no exception. A lot of the AIs I have come into contact with in my time have been there for the right reasons, but a lot seem to confuse the fact that they are allowed to wear the uniform of the Army with actual rank and authority. I think some of it stems from the fact that a lot of AIs have done a couple of years as a squaddie many moons ago and fail to understand that even amongst the regulars, a lot of your influence comes from building networks of people who will support you, not throwing round rank. Some AIs do get off on power trips but they are best avoided.

    You can, but it can be an administrative nightmare for pay reasons, especially if you are an AI paid as a Sgt in the ACF and another rank in the TA as you would normally only have 1 service number. There are also the issues around training conflicts and priorities that would need to be sorted out. You would need a very understanding TA CO and an accommodating ACF structure.

    Depends on the County's procedures. They may require a seperate one for their own reasons. If you get it once, re-submitting won't be a drama.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Totally agree with Woopert,we have a few of what he describes & they are often throbbers.You can also get AI's who are ex-cadets & refuse point blank to listen to advice or opinion.

    At the end of the day,you get out of it what you put into it.I promoted two of mine to Cader LCPL & seeing the look on their face made me feel like a proud dad! The fact both of the girls completed the 12 miler expo astounded me!
    Since getting back,both girls have matured in their attitude to cadets,even looking forward to their LCPL duties on training nights!
  5. This is just the sort of thing I am looking to hear. When I was in the TA I loved teaching new recruits, and passing on whatever knowledge I could.

    I'd love to do that in the cadets, just wanted to hear some good stuff as well, that isnt from the official brochure, coz they are never gonna say anything bad in there!

    Anyone on here from Stafford area? Any experiences/observations about the Stafford lot?
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You could try here;(eek! wrong link,fixed now!)

  7. I have to say the instructors at my 2's detachment seem like a good bunch, they really seem to enjoy what they do and are really encouraging. They got my lad involved in the cadet rugby, cross counrtry and tug-o-war and the kids always come back from their drill night full of beans and enthusiasm.
  8. You'll only know by going along and finding out. Most of your time is spent in a platoon/detachment with just a few adult staff so you could be unfortunate enough to knock on the door of nobber HQ. Play your cards close to your chest 'n go try another unit if that happens. Usually, adults will be allocated by the local Coy HQ but you should have some say in the matter.

    As far as I'm aware CRB applications must be done by the employer so you can't provide your copy as proof. There are also different levels - unless you have an "enhanced" one it wouldn't count anyway.
  9. I have had to have another CRB done; every organisation will want a new one doing.

    As has been said you do get some idiots. Being ex TA at least you will have an idea of if somebody is a power tripping walt who is there for completly the wrong reasons or if they are alright.
  10. Thanks for all the replies, I'm probably going to approach my local det in January, as I start a new job then which gives me my weekends and evenings back (Hurrah!!).

    I'm looking forward to it already as I miss being in the TA, but remember on more than one weekend helping out with the cadets on the range. It was really enjoyable to help train interested, motivated young people, and it is for that reason I am going to join the ACF and not go back in the TA.

    Thanks again guys!
  11. Nothing wrong with approaching them now really. In fact I would look at 2 or 3 dets at least, before deciding which one suits you. Time spent on reconaissance is seldom wasted :thumleft: :salut: If you get the paperwork in the system now, its less time waiting. The organisation as a whole is 1000 instructors short, and may have to put a cap on cadet places if more staff are not found.

    However, the cuts, which go beyond PTDs, but include white fleet, fuel, rations, ammo etc mean that many camps and weekends are cancelled. Also with the closure of the TA, some camps have been mothballed, or closed for renovation now.
  12. Well my nearest unit is based at MOD Stafford, so hopefully they are still going. I'll give them a call and see whats what. Anyone on here know anything about the Stafford lot?
  13. CRBs - i had an enhanced one for my day job (i teach primary school) but still had one done by the ACF. (when i first joined i was trying to get supply work with a couple of different agencies and o i actually had THREE CRB forms on the go!)

    i joined to instruct and bugger the rest of what goes on. i'm not even particularly military, even though i'm the only officer in my county who has been to the factory (i failed, but that's beside the point!). and basically i just get on with my own job. i flatter myself that the people who matter have a good impression of me, and the idiots that don't are just idiots.

    i wish you the best.
  14. CRB disclosures (both normal and enhanced) are NOT transferable. You will have to get a new one even if the one you currently hold is recent.

    They used to be transferable until some bright spark realised that a CRB check is like an MOT - its only really valid on the day its printed (whos to say that someone hasnt be caught for a crime 3 days after a clear CRB?)

    I work in the care sector and have to regularly have CRBs done - I currently have about 5 at the moment.

    If an enhanced CRB is required, ALL formal warnings, cautions and convictions you have ever received will appear (even if they have been deemed as spent).

    If you do have anything that you think would appear on a CRB, my advice to you would to be honest about it on your application. When I was younger I got into a lot of trouble and unfortunately got a few cautions. As long as you explain the circumstances (all depending on the nature of course), you should be fine.

    Good luck, and if you do decide to become an adult it is the most amazing thing to do!