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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Robbo55, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Well first off, my names Paul, i'm 17 and hoping that i'll be able to join the Signalmen or Royal Artillery, depending on my fitness test which i'll discuss now.

    I got 12m 10s in the 1.5 mile run practice that i'v been training to do before i actually get tested, is this ok by the army's standards considering the options i'm looking at?

    Also, sorry if this is a big thread of questions, but this is pretty much the most important one i'v got to ask. I'm allergic to nuts unfortunately, and on the form it says its one of the conditions that rules me out, but i'v heard of people being recruited with egg and nut allergies, and they simply get an extra medical dog tag? Could someone clarify?

    Thanks alot
  2. I don't know an all lot myself as i'm awaiting my recruiters interview but i'm pretty sure that i seen on a website that the run time for the Royal Artillery was Level 2 which was 13.15 and under.
  3. Depending on your ACIO this may vary, but at mine they never sent anyone to Selection until their time was below 11 mins.

    As for the nut alelry stuff try the online Army Careers office.

    Web Page Name
  4. try and get your run down to 11:30 and under mate and you should be fine, as for the allergys i dont have a clue mate sorry
  5. Nothing at the online web page about allergys & so on, anybody else know anything about being recruited if you have a nut allergy?
  6. To be honest I can't see it being a major problem.

    In the event that nuts got into your system, would it be a matter of life and death or do you just get a rash or something?

    The army has vegitarian choices etc so surley they will carter to someone with a nuts allegry.
  7. It depends on the type of nut, peanuts i'll just end up being sick, almond, hazelnut, or brazilian nut & it could be fatal without an adrenaline pen (Epipen). Another bad factor is that it could be nut oil or nut essence etc
  8. I think they judge it on severity, so if it could be fatal then chances might be slim, but no harm in asking!
  9. I am sorry to say that with a severe nut allergy you had best stay away from the Army.

    Scenario: You are in Afganistan and eat something that you didnt realise has nut oil in the ingredients. You are hours from medical intervention. You are dead. Not good!
  10. The difference is vegetarians rarely die after eating meat!
  11. because of you alergy you meical form will take longer and you might have to do some tests i dont think its a 100% no, if you have alergys... BUT if you need medication it will be a no

    as for the run time you really need it to be around 10 to 10 and a half minutes because you are 17 but can still pass with a 12 minute run
  12. Other Conditions

    * Loss of spleen (Splenectomy).
    * Transplanted organs.
    * Severe allergic reactions and or anaphylaxis requiring adrenaline injection precautions.
    * Nut allergy.

    * Circulation problems (e.g. Raynaud's phenomenon or disease).
    * Diabetes.
    * Diseases (e.g. glandular or hormonal) requiring long term medication or replacement therapy.

    From :


    Unlucky mate , never hurts to ask at your AFCO though.
  13. Thing is, i don't exactly carry medication, and i'v never had to use the epipen once after several attacks since i realised i had it. All the epipen is there for is just in case worst comes to it. I'v heard it isn't up to the AFCO to approve, its up to my doctor? true or?
  14. Not your doctor. The army's doctor.
  15. Ah i see. So if i'v never had to use medication for the allergy, would it sway the army doctor's decision for my favor a bit?