A few questions about TA!

Hey all, (Newbie here go easy on me please thankyou)

I'm wanting to join the TA (Passed medical and a massive 62 x.x in the BARB) and just wondering about conflicting info about selection. I have read that it's over 2 days, over 1 day so just wondering what would say 'Cardiff' be and if anyone who has done it recently could give me info about their experience there, would be great!

Second question would be, relocating might be an option to me in the next 2 years (maybe late next year) so wondering where I would stand with my local unit, is changing units an option?, do they mind? Would it even be best to not say anything until the time to move arrives? That's my main question really :D

Last question! Found ALOT of info about minimum time needed, but what is the maximum time one could put in each year? (If there is a limit).

Look forward to your repsonses!

TA selection in Cardiff is one day. Source - I was syndicate DS for one yesterday.

To answer the second question, yes, you can move units. If it was in the next three months or so, I'd say wait, but as it's over a year away, carry on.

Question the third, some guys do the bare minimum, others do much more (although I think there's a practical cap at about 110 days or so.) However, the amount of time you will be allowed to put in will depend on how useful you are. Which at the moment, isn't very. Worry about getting training out of the way first, then if you're needed, you'll be told.
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