A few questions about life in the AAC

Hi, I'm a newbie interested in joining the AAC. Just looking for a bit of info about the day to day life in the AAC and was hoping somebody could help. What kind of things are you doing on a regular day on base? I would be keen to follow the rear crew path and am wondering how available places are for this? Are they few and far between? And if you did get a place, how long roughly would you spend actually flying? Also I'm 28, would I be quite old in joining up or do you get a few 'mature' people through? :) Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Times against you dude. you will need to become a tough Groundie/MT driver for a couple of years and get recommended for promotion (LCpl) before being loaded onto a Crewmans course.

Stay away from Signals as the are Gay and make crap crewman.

Also stay away from the QM's dept as you will become fat and useless. just ask Taffridge.

Hope this helps.


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Taff you always go and spoil it...there I am grooming fresh meat and up you pop :x

Just don't tell him my real name :roll:

Best wishes

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Cheers for that guys but sorry to disappoint - actually female! Is there an age limit for getting onto a crewman' course?


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Now you've got my attention CBZZ.

You have to be blonde with blue eyes...single and no kids, and fancy Ralf like mad!!

No age limit but like I said in my first post- age is against you on joining the AAC....Basic Soldier Trg 12 weeks- Middle Wallop 9 Weeks - Dvr Trg 6 Weeks - Posted to unit and serving in the ground role to achive recommendation for promotion (at least two years)

This then enables you to attend Aviation Crewman/woman Trg. On succesful completion of the course you get your LCpl tape and half wing.

But why not go straight for Pilot...it's not that hard to achive. I just could not land a tin can at 70mph :x

for more interment info PM me!
you aren't from norfolk are you, because whilst there is no upper age limit to become one of Gods Children(for that is we) , there is a limit to the amount of chromosomes you share with the rest of the people from your county....ie you may not be married to your brother or uncle or even cousin......just checking.
However if you want to go front seat just crack on, they are desperate, judging by the standard of the latest bunch of sister lovers we've just received
Cheers guys! not married, no affairs with family, from Glasgow, no kids, blue eyes but brown hair - does that ruin my chances?? So when you're not on exercise or deployment (or arrse), what do you do all day? Job sounds good but i'm guessing there is also a lot of not so interesting stuff you have to do as well?
All depends on what trade stream you follow;

If you are Signals you will clean Rovers and count bits of radios and grease "Aerials" all day every day until Exercise time, Where you sit in a tent and talk funny into a bit of wire for two weeks Then it's back to unit.....Go to start of sentence....Just ask Groovygunner!

If you are Stores you will end up going nowhere and issue Combat clothing in exchange for old sh!t stained ones. Count kit on the shelves and repeatedly tell people where to go, saying you have not got what they want...Knowing too well you have it, as you have just counted it for the tenth time that day....Just ask Taffridge!

If you are hard MT like me, you will work amoungst some of the best looking blokes in the Corps. You will have your fair share of refuelling of helicopters as well as push and pulling them into the Hangar. Watch MTV all day and drink brews. If you are a good looking lass, the boys will make you brews all day. When we are bored we go for a visit to either Stores or Sigs to give them starved of daylight mongs some abuse.....Just ask me!
Thats the info I needed, thanks for that! MTV and a brew sounds a def winner!! Think i'll go get the ball rolling and maybe see you guys about in the near future.

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