A few questions about joining the British Army (REME)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SLR_1991, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Right I'll start off with a good hello and good evening to all. I'm a 17 year old lad from the Midlands who has always wanted to join the army ever since i was a child, Recently my life took a nose dive on the happy side turning into a load of sh*t. At the end of 2006 i started working at phones4u which turned out to be a very bad idea seeing as i then spent the 1st 6months of 2007 depressed dropping from 11stone to 8.5 and going from 5ft6 to 6ft2 along with other issues i ended up going to see my GP who eventually got me out of a very nasty downwards spiral which then led me going to college for some experience just before i applied for a motor vehicle apprenticeship in 2009.. but over the past month or so my life hasn't exactly been well good and it's pushed me to think of a fresh start and which better way to re-invent myself than join the best army in the world (puts the brown nose away). So my questions are..

    1. Will me being depressed in 2007 affect my chances of getting in?
    2. My GCSE'S didn't come out as good as i wanted (D'S and E'S) but after re-testing at college found out im working at a A-C level.. Will this affect my chances?
    3. I'm a avid computer (hate to use this word but) geek being able to write software in C+ C++ and MS DOS along with building 3 computers of my own and being a bit of a smart arse when it comes to them, will this help me?
    4. My true passion is to become a mechanic yet i have no formal grades in that area only hands on experience, good yes or no?
    5. I have no criminal record nor have i ever been in trouble with the police but i have smoked weed with my friends a couple of times over the past 6months.. will this screw my chances?

    Thats all thank you all in advance for any help given :D 8)
  2. Question 1. Yes this will effect your passing through to a military career. Not only will it effect it but it may stop you being able to join altogether. (dependant on how bad the depression was.

    Question 2. I myself am going for the role of vehicle mecchanic and you only need D's in english and maths. Obviously some othe GCSE's would make you more attractive for the army.

    Question 3. No this will not help you be a mechanic. It's a nice thing to say about your hobbies, but writing script on a pc wont help you fix a tank.

    Question 4. I am currently in an apprenticeship in motor vehicle rectification and they did like that fact. I'm pretty sure it states on the army website hands on experience is needed. Why not come up with some story's about when your nova started whining and you had to replace the fan belt. Other such story's will help you more so.

    Question 5. Yes that will effect you entry and to be honest i wouldn't want to work alongside a chavvy pot smoking mong. I'm sure alot of people wouldn't for that matter. Although there is a slackening of punishments to the weed smokers of britain that is no excuse to do it. Grow up and take responsibilities for your own actions.

    You might want to do a bit of research on the army website.
  3. Scrap , that seems its already been nailed upon.

  4. 1.Yes, must be depression/symptom free for 2 years
    2.Depends on job, but you need final grades, not "working towards" grades
    3.If you have a qualification, yes, if not put it in interests part of application, cant hurt.
    4.Won't matter, as long as your core subjects are good and your barb test score high enough you will be accepted
    5.No. "The Army understands that drugs are a part of modern society and that you may have experimented with them in the past" Put simply, they don't care what you have done (as long as you haven't been caught) but stop ******* doing it, right now, grow up and take responsibility for yourself and your body.