A few questions about becoming a Combat Team Medic.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by TaffyMon, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of info as to what will be expected of a Combat Team Medic? Are they attached to infantry units, or Med Brigades? I am presuming the CTM would see a lot more action than say a CMT or a Nurse, so do infantry fitness standards apply? I am a student nurse awaiting my Recruit Selection Weekend in December, and I understand that basic training is pretty similar for most TA apart from infantry. If I was to carry on down the route of the Nurse, would this hinder me if I wished to change at a later date, or is it simply ensuring my fitness is up to standards?

  2. I think you mean team medic.Its a short medical course for soldiers.Mostly conducted during pre operational deployment training (optag) You could have lots of soldiers trained as team medics the more the merrier infact.
    You would have to be trained for whatever role you joined as and this would be something else on top.So if you joined the infantry you would be an infantry soldier first and then a medic.If you want to run around and shoot guns and other fun stuff join the infantry.
    I was a nurse and joined the ta infantry.I suppose I could have transferred to the medics ,but,having spent so long in the infantry it never appealed.
  3. Nurse? So like a pilot and team medic like a bike rider.

    You'll get plenty of action as a nurse. Team medic is a side role to a main trade like infantry or driver.

    You are a nurse so QA. That is where you are valuable.

    Qualify as a soldier first. The rest will fall into place.

  4. Was a nurse?

    Spill the dirt!!
  5. Thanks gents.
  6. When Dr Shipman raised the bar for all of us I realized the job was not for me.:)
  7. ANOTHER bottle of morphine Dr Shipman? Why yes of course!

    (Who am I to question a doctor?)
  8. Morning all,

    whilst this thread's open I thought I'd jump in and ask a few questions if I may.

    I'm a former Royal Marine, am already in the TA (combat role) and so am a qualified Infanteer etc. I'm looking for a change and CMT appeals to me. I'd like a no nonsense assessment from a serving CMT ideally. How long is Med training, how long after training will I get the opportunity to deploy, will the opportunity to do jumps arise and perhaps most importantly where do CMT's parade in the West Midlands? Believe it or not I've posed these questions to an AFCO and got a very polite "I don't know, don't care" sort of response :)

    Any thoughts, input or direction much appreciated chaps/chapesses!


  9. Look up 144 PFA and call them.
  10. Cheers!

  11. Sorry to re-open the thread, just have another question. I think I would prefer the role of a Team Medic. However, I was wondering, with my RSW in a few weeks time I don't think I can just jump ship now. Would run times etc be carried over if I switched to an infantry unit? I'm fit enough, my run time is around 9min at the moment. My local infantry unit apparently need people ready for deployment as soon as, but due to the fact I still have 2 years left on my course I wouldn't be able to go until I finish. Would it be better for me to just stick with joining 2 Med until I graduate, then switch to my local infantry unit.
    Thanks again. TaffyMon.
  12. Edit:

    Check out the team medic syllabus first. It is way below your scope of practice as a nurse.

    Don't get confused between team medic and role 1 CMT. (Or even patrol medic).

    Speak to your local inf.

    If you hurry it may not be too late.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to pop into my local inf unit tomorrow night and see what they have to say.