A few potential Officer questions!

Hi there,

I've just passed my AOSB briefing with a CAT1 and so I'm about to start looking at regiments and preparing for Main board.

I just have a few questions that I would really appreciate some wisdom on.

I'm looking to go into the Infantry (no surprise as I'm sure a lot of young lads are the same).

One main Regiment that I'm sure gets a lot of attention is the Parachute Regiment- Does anyone have any advice on applications to the Paras? It is a regiment that I would love to serve with and I was just wondering what the 'character' and 'demeanour' of Para officers are?

I was also wondering which other regiments people would recommend that are as active as the paras- The guards I am sure see a lot of action but any help on this would be fantastic.

Also, although it's only niggling, I don't have 20/20 vision- with an astigmatism. I passed my optician's check and I know that I come under a VA2 which is acceptable for Royal Marines entry so I'm assuming it would be the case with most infantry/combative regiments?

Any advice that anyone could offer in helping me prepare for main board and standing a chance of achieving a sponsorship with the Paras would be fantastic (I'm aware that they have a POIC for potential officers to come and check out the regiment).

I'm fairly happy with my fitness at the moment- I do a lot of running and mountaineering/climbing so I don't think that'll be a bar, and I'm graduating with a politics degree so I'm up on current affairs and used to delving into a lot of history.

If anyone could help me out that would be absolutely fantastic.

Cheers guys,

I was also wondering which other regiments people would recommend that are as active as the paras- The guards I am sure see a lot of action but any help on this would be fantastic.

Why are you sure? The Fusiliers see a lot of action. So do the Royal Anglians, the Mercians and the Rifles (For example). Just as much as the Paras and the Guards, certainly in the last decade or so. Do a bit of a research, if the "AIRBORNE" mentality is one which appeals to you, get on their PO visit and see if you enjoy it. But have a look around elsewhere as well just to get the idea of what else is about.

By all means go 'Para' if it is where you want to go and where you think you will fit in, but don't have "because they are more active" as your sole reason, mainly because it's not true at the moment.

PS. I wouldn't say my opinion is 'Wisdom' by any means, it's just a personal opinion having very recently been through the selection process. My main point I would say is make sure you have a good idea about the choices of arm for you by the time you get to Sandhurst, don't rely on being able to go on visits etc while you are there.
In my humble opinion. Most line regiments are much of a muchness. Guards regiments have the ceremonial side, very long histories and traditions and in some respects are run more like the army was run 200 years ago. The paras are a strange breed, not had much to do with para ruperts though, but the junior ranks are cracking bunch. If being an airborne guardsman appeals to you, guards may do p company and do a posting to the Guards Parachute Platoon, part of 3 para. Hope that helps and best of luck
Apologies- I didn't mean to suggest that other infantry regiments didn't see much action, I've just had a fairly minimal oversight on the regiments at the moment, only really knowing that certain regiments work with certain vehicles whilst on operations and others in more specific roles. Yeah I think a PO visit with the Paras would provide a bit more clarity and equally I plan on visiting some regiments after having had a debrief with my sponsor. Thanks for the advice :)
Thanks Gdsm87, yeah it's quite hard from the online information provided by army.mod.uk to actually pinpoint specific areas where the infantry regiments differ, obviously with the paras being specifically (but not exclusively) airborne focussed and the guards having ceremonial responsibilities.
Cheers for the insight! :)

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