a few northern ireland pics ive taken recently

They brought back a few memories.

Forkhill is almost gone completely. XMG hasn't changed in 15 years though.

I guess you've just been traveling round the province recently?
Can I have some sauce on my South Armagh roll?
Quite sad to see Forkhill in that state. Some good and not so good memories of that place in the early and mid eighties.

Armagh still looks the same though! 8O

I drove down the falls a few weeks ago, something I wouldn't have dared to do 12-15 years previous!

A Police CAR drove down a few cars ahead of me and it was just that, a car with 2 constables sat inside!

I think that the windows were reinforced as a similar car stopped at Macciedees and I had a quick scan but just think, no armoured landy just a car...
Some quality pictures, is that the checkpoint going into Aldergrove Airport (civvie side)

Never thought of putting my pics from the Province onto photobucket, cheers.


I seem to remember there was a good butcher close by.

I meant for meat.
ye ive travelled around there a bit,and ye its the checkpoint by the airport,forkhill is set in a great landscape,right in the heart of bandit country,ye the shankhill butchers,finest meat carvers in the whole of ireland :(
SavageByName said:
I always thought that NI was somewhere I should try and avoid after my training? But you lot all sound so happy about it! Was it that good?
Probably the best postings i have ever had in 20 years.


Edited because i used my elbows to type.
photo shop lol, no its a street off the falls rd,i know the junction your thinking of, the one near the springfield rd
Been looking at the photos - the 'perminint check point' one is a perfect example. This has been closed for nearly five years yet it is made out to be still active. Don't be taken in by this person.

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