A few more questions

Although I have had a few sarcastic responses to my last posts, thanks very much to all those who have taken the time to give me serious answers.

I am very keen to join the TA but of course I do have some concerns just as anyone would who embarks on something new.
I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with further queries I have:

1. What does the medical involve? I have a bad knee which doesnt stop me working out 4-5 times a week but I do need Ibuprofen each morning to keep it in check. Im having an operation on it at the end of Feb (just a clean out nothing serious) and hopefully that shoudl sort it out with a month of having that. Will this caus problems?

2. Im currently living in Exeter and will probably be moving to Bristol at the end of the year. Is it worth joining the Devon & Dorset TA here and can I move 10 months later?

3. What is the TA committment ie if a year or two down the line I have kids or progress to a level in my profession that my spare time is more limited how flexible are the TA?

4. Finally, does anyone have any imput over which Bristol TA units are the best. I was interested in Intelligence, anyone know what thats like?
1. Speak to the doctor when you have your medical

2. Yes

3. The contract states 27 days per year and the TA is very flexible

4. Go and speak to them, their phone number is on the website.

Get in now and you can start your TA career. You can, in 10 months apply for a transfer.
This is not intended as a sarcastic response. Genuinely, I really mean it.

Stop asking questions on here and get into your nearest TA Centre. Join today - you know you want to!

And we are very keen to welcome you into the best club in the country.
Just tell them Abacus sent you. Get the cheque made out to him for the recruiting bounty and PM him for his address. :lol:

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