A few items of interest...

... That I have no idea about!

My mum was clearing out a cottage owned by a family friend up at John O' Groats this week, and brought me some goodies...

Firstly, after a bit of research to work out what it was, I've got a WW1 petrol trench lighter. Polished it up a little now but it's still a bit dull, brass. Still in a pouch, but the pouch is a bit knackered... Are these things rare? Reckon there's a chance it's original?

Secondly, there's a 1994 edition of "Soldier" magazine... Again, not so old, but an item of interest perhaps? Just wondering if they're worth safeguarding!

There's also a 1993 British Army handbook.
As a guide there's a soldier magazine from 1994 on e-bay just now:
SOLDIER MAGAZINE D-DAY 50 May/June 1994 issue on eBay (end time 30-Sep-10 20:01:44 BST)

You could search e-bay for "trench art" and get some idea of the value of your lighter.

Remember though, that something is only worth what you can get for it. Maybe something, maybe nothing. The question is weather or not you value it, want to keep it or want to display it.

You can easily get hooked too, and start a collection...

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