A few general Qs about the AAC

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ash_p, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. I'm pretty sure there have been a hundred and one threads about this, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.
    I'm just coming up to my final set of exams of year 13 (sixth form), and I'm looking at a possible army career. I browsed the website, and came across the AAC soldier position, which to me looks great. However, there are a few things I'd just like to know on applying..
    What do you need to do to apply for the AAC? Are any specific qualifications, or atleast a certain standard of education, etc. needed for the role? What tests, training, etc. do you need to go through?

    Basically, is it relatively easy to get into the AAC?
    I'm fairly open minded about it, I wouldn't mind being a door gunner or pilot for example (but pilot sounds more fun ;) )

    I know my queries are a bit general, but if anyone is able to pick up on what I'm on about, then any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Oh, and if there is anyone going through the application process for the AAC, or has already passed/been accepted, would you mind having a chat on msn? If so just send me a pm with your address ;)


    PS: How bloody awesome is this vid?
  2. Having spent some time in Middle wallop. I under the firm understanding that the pilots course is very hard and not uncommon out of a course of 25, 5 pass out. I think Cpls and above can be pilots .
  3. Ah I see. Well that's not my 'dreams' crushed or anything ;)
    Being a pilot was just another thing I was looking at. My main interest is to be an AAC soldier.
  4. I used to live in Middle Wallop and know a few AAC gunners and Pilots. The Gunners seems a cool job but having spoken to some pilots the gunners role is a bit shit (both side of the coin). The accuracy of the weapon is rubbish. It all depends on what you want out of it.

    I would love to be an army pilot and if I could of done my life again I would of studied harder when I was a teenager. If you want it bad enough - go for it!
  5. To be selected for Army Pilots Course (APC) you have to be a Substantive LCpl recommended for full Cpl. To be an Aviation Crewman (new Doorgunner) you have to be recommended LCpl on your last Confidential Report. The Aviation Crewman is a good stepping stone for aspirations of Army Pilot Training.
  6. I am a Doorgunner Instructor, the job has changed so much over a very short period, the weapon is accurate and the job isn't shite, it's very busy, you will find that you as an Aviation Crewman will be posted to 9 Regt who currently man both sand pits, so could find yourself pretty much back to back tours. Also there is scope to go to a flight as a Crewman, whether that be in support of SF in both roles including aggressive posture, or as a winch operator in the jungles in Belize/Brunei. You will do mission planning, briefing the crews, navigation, passenger and Aircraft management and protection on any weapon from GPMG (7.62) to .50 cal.
  7. Some of the Corps best pilots have the academic qualities of a box of opal fruits. If you want it bad enough you'll find a way.

    Sound advice from Blobmeister, if I was you Ash_P I'd PM the living fcuk out of him and try and get a visit to a working squadron
  8. So the other 20 can hold their ale, can they? That's not bad, is it? :D :D :D


  9. I'm living proof of that. I left school at the age of 7. :safe:
  10. That's some quality advice blob', cheers for that mate.
    It all sounds quite grand, but I'm still sort of in the dark as to the application process, how easy it is (for example 'we only take the best of the best, hoorah', etc.) - not that im a dumba$$ ;) But I'd like to have the reassurance that I have a reasonably high chance of being accepted into the AAC.
    I'd very much like to visit a working squadron actually. I live in Cumbria (North West England) at the mo.. The only base I know of thats close by is an RAF base?

    Anyway, I'd mostly like to know about what I said earlier on in this post (application, etc,).

    Thanks for all the comments so far lads.
  11. Don't you for one minute think I was calling you one of the Corps best pilots. We all know they sent you on an APC because the alternative was having you do another term as mess waiter and p1ss flavour Leibfraumilch.
  12. ash_p, Dishforth is your nearest reg AAC unit. Down the A1 near Ripon/Harrogate.
  13. You have Dishforth over the penines.

    No point going to a crab camp, you might aswell go to Butlins and get yoru fritter roared up.

    Phone 01772 716543 and ask to be put through to the RSM at 9 Regt Army Air Corps, tell him you are keen to be an Air Trooper and ask him if you can come for a shufty.

    Whats the worse he can do? Say no?
  14. True..
    Well I'm on a 2 week holiday (what a luxury eh) at the mo, so I'll ring em up and see what things I can do.
    What do you recommend I ask? Me being fairly unfamiliar with conversing with army folk :x hehe.