A few chosen words from the top

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CMTs_rock, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. British Army Online Announcement

    Message from the CGS General Sir Richard Dannatt KCB CBE MC
    "You will all share with me great sympathy for the continued casualties taken in Iraq and Afghanistan. These bear tragic testament to the gritty, tough and uncompromising conditions of Basrah and Helmand, and I am under no illusion of the moral and physical pressures faced by you all, night and day.

    I continue to be immensely proud of your efforts and sacrifices and have complete admiration for all that you have achieved - in both theatres.We will see things through and we will do so as the British Army always has - with pride and purpose."

    Taken from ArmyNet
  2. Apart from it being a bad week for the guys on ops, is there any other reason why this kind of statement should appear now? Or could it be that the big boss is going to react in support of the guys to this gagging order fiasco and maybe expects to retire sooner rather than later - and so puts out a good word before the dung/ventilator interface
  3. Well it has been a bad week....reason enough one would think.
    He's a soldier not a politician though so perhaps you could be called a tad cynical for seeking a motive other than attempting to raise the morale of his men.
    But..If the troops are now required to whinge in public less then it would of course make good sense for the top chap to do more of it instead.
    Leading from the front as it were :roll:
  4. I have no problems with the powers above in the Army and like the majority of soldiers I know Respect CGS General Sir Richard Dannatt KCB CBE MC. He does respect his Army and should not have suits sticking their noses in. Thank you for your kind words sir.