A fastwitted chav... unique?

Anyone got stories of smugness being handed back to it's originator, or chavs turning out to brighter than they look? Combinations thereof?

I heard this during the week, and it made me chuckle.

Football fan parks his car at an away game. Local chavpop appears out of the woodwork and starts eyeing up the car.

"Yalright there fella? Look after ya car for a fivah?"

Football fan looks smug.
"No need, it's got a pitbull in the back."

Without missing a beat, chavpop says:
"Must be a clever dog. Can he put out fires?"
Not quite the same but my 10 year old came it witha good one the other day. We were sitting at a bar inTurkey listning to this guy on the guitar. He started to play "wonderfull tonight". When he got to the line where she says "do I look alright", my daughter shouted out "no your bum looks big". Had the place in stitches (those that could understand).
Last time out, it was a Yuppie, some scrote child in Dublin and a debate about the fire fighting abilities of the dog sat in the bee-mer...
Mr_Deputy said:
at least Teddy Boys could comb their hair and put proper clothes on. This latest lot from 'my' generation look like the telly tubbies.
And they knew how to use a razor.
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