A farewell to work

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by arby, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Ya!

  2. Na!

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  3. No, as such a site would be exploitative to women

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  1. I dont want to work anymore, its a bit rubbish. So Ive decided to make one of those fashionable websites like Girls Gone Wild or Assess my Breasts. here's my pitch


    clues in the name really. Is there a market for this? How about AssessmyCankle.com?
  2. Why has no-one started the site www.cameltoe-goornogo.com?

    Frankly I'm outraged by this omission. :x

    I shall be writing a strongly worded letter to the company that runs the Internet to complain.
  3. Im willing to offer a cameltoe section under the subscribers portition.
  4. There is already one for whale tales and of course the splendidFlash Your Rack.
  5. This does lend itself to a hugh amount of "Rate my .... " websites ....

    Rate My ...
    war wound

    etc etc..
  6. positive response so far. The question is, would anyone actually upload muffintop shots?
  7. No, they were recently bought out by the Illuminati Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of StoneCutters LLP.

    I shall be sending a copy of my letter of complaint to the Daily Mail - let's see them get out of that!
  8. I might do but then I would have to delete some serious porn from my already swollen hard drive

    K13 :D
  9. do people have muffintop fetishes? Im really just trying to gauge my market before I hand in my notice. I'll probably do that at the end of the day.
  10. personally no, although at a christmas dinner a captain ordered me to pull some munter with a muffin top he said "do it for the troop" thats one order i didn't follow :pukel: proper munter
  11. positive response so far. The question is, would anyone actually upload muffintop shots?

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  12. Alternatively; kebaborhamsandwich.com I'm sure you can work the rest out...
  13. Yum yum ...

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  14. here you go

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