A excellent tour camera.

I've been trialing the Sanyo Xacti for a week or so now, but I won't bore you with techie speak. I'll just tell you what it does and link a picture.

Movies: MPEG 4 @ 640x480 (tv quality 30fps) with 45 mins to a 1GB SD card.
6 Mega pixel digital camera.
Uses SD cards which are quite cheap now.
You get 2 rechagable batteries supplied with it.
Excellent anti-shake and noise dampening.
Fantastic optical zoom and digital beyond that.
A robust metal chassis.SD card or USB connection.
It has been getting dammed good reviews.


Review: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/96015/sanyo-xacti-vpcca6.html?searchString=xacti


You can pick them up for £200-ish, and they are wirth every penny. The photos are great and the movies even better. Did I mention that it is tiny too?
I have the Sanyo HD Xacti camera which is very good indeed. Small, easy to operate, great optics and it works with Mac. If the one above, whilst lower spec, is half as good it would still be just the job for trips to sandy places.
I am now in the market or a new camera and must admit I had never considered a 'Movei' type.
£200 seems very cheap for this type of machine.
My last disaster was an Olympus E 10, excellent optics but an electrical system that is pure Dog Poo.

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