A engineering question for RE SNCOs

just to remind you of my question

Just got a job to lay a concrete plynth. Problem is the Res mong forgot the plasticiser. To keep the mix within CBM tolerence the setting time from green to hard has to be slow. How the hell am I going to crack this one. Bags of sugar and washing up liquid are an option but im not that experianced to judge the ammounts any advice would be gratefull thanks.

There must have been a mistake there canteen cowboy but I dont belive any rules were broken???
Yeah i noticed that to T Towel.
Hope you gained some info on your task mate.
When you off?
Set up site on monday. Got a few knockers to come to set out. I hope I get a CMT. I will experiment before hand. Ithink a batch with synthetic plasticiser and one strengthened with extra cement see how it goes. Thanks for yer advice Mad.
No worries my friend.
You ever built a pontoon incorporating an Infantry Assault Bridge?
Never even seen one of these bridges? How do they fix together?
Is is man portable?

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