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  1. right then, it's that time of year when we're asked to choose an elective placement, and i am torn between 2 specialities.

    I've always wanted to do a+e, did 2 placements as a student, loved it, never wanted to do anything else. However, from what i can gather, its next to impossible to get a spec qual in this field for reasons unknown to me. People in my unit have strongly encouraged going for ITU, as there is apparently a much better chance of getting on the course in the future.

    also, the SO1 from MCM div in a recent presentation said that there are only 3 ITU trained army pax. So if it's easier to get on the course, where are all these people?

    should i keep chasing my A+E dream, or are there benefits in going for ITU.

    all responses greatly welcomed...

    even yours bedpan2zero
  2. why, thank you whitemouse!

    do you enjoy looking after patients?
    do you enjoy knowing that everyday at work will be different and never boring?

    if the answer to these is yes - A&E it is

    I thought about ITU when I was in training, but I spent more time on my placements and agency work when I qualified looking after the machinery instead of the patient.

    Im a nurse and not an MDSS Tech, so if your hearts set on A&E go for it - not just a promise of a job cos everyone else has left/been promoted
  3. Her here, A/E is definately the way forward, I spent a month on an ITU as a student back in the 90's and it was pretty dogsh1t. In A/E you are kept on your feet a lot but you get to learn and do a lot. If you have to wait a little longer to get on an A/E course its worth doing that than go for the quicker option of ITU, cos you're stuck with it then.
  4. i've never had any experience of ITU apart from dropping patients off, and i absolutely loved my time (as a student) in a&e, so i reckon i'm better off sticking to the original plan. ITU seem to spend a lot of time sat on a barstool marking charts and watching monitors, i think i'd prefer the "excitement" of casualty.
  5. Part of the trouble you face in itu although very difficult isyou can end nursing the machines to keepthe patient stable. As is happening in my job at the moment treating mechanism and not injury.
  6. Well there are some bonuses, at least machines dont whinge for f ucking bedpans and p1ss the bed. They cant drop you in the sh1t for telling them to shut the f uck when they p1ss you off. They dont have any pain in the arse relatives having you fiddle about with them every b@stard ten minutes and they have a mute button, the list goes on...................
  7. If i were u whitemouse, i would go for a+e, minor illnesses and minor injuries, much more deployable when you go on tour, don't know what you gonna see and get to see all the exciting stuff before any other dept.

    with an itu spec, see the same pt day in and day out, look at machines - but you are in an air con tent all day.

    bide your time, wait out for the course - u thought of doing the defence nursing degree with an a+e speciality?
  8. didnt know it was an option?
  9. you do the compulsory modules as though you are doing the defence degree, then branch off and do the a+e modules, i believe same applies for itu, ortho, and any other specs you want to do, or you can just opt to do the defence pathway.
  10. winner, i'll look into that as soon as i can. although in all fairness i'd rather study anywhere than there!!