A drugs and drink epidemic

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    A DRUGS and drink epidemic has gripped the elite Army regiment guarding the Queen.

    Shamed Lance Corporal John Nelson, 24, yesterday lifted the lid on cocaine snorting and alcohol abuse.

    Soldiers in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment are also flouting strict Army rules by romping with tourists.


    P.S. Perhaps if they charged the tourists and gave a cut to the MOD, then the army could afford the landrovers etc for Iraq
  2. If some hot foreign bint sticks her name and phone number down your boots whilst sitting on a horse, it's got my vote. Apparently, the hard trick is remembering which one stuck which piece of paper there. You thought it was a Denise Van Outen look-a-like and it ended up being the red one in the tellitubbies!
  3. Now we know which Regiment Prince Harry will join!!
  4. Boo Hoo :cry: I got caught and drop as many as I can in the sh1t syndrome!

    CDT has been about for a few years now.
    like he was the 1st it ever happened to!

    what a dipstick!
  5. way i see it, everyone has the same temptations, if they cant resist them, more fool them. no sympathy for the tool :lol:
  6. Apparently it goes on a fair bit but no one really cares aslong as no one is caught with their pants down, or so says an ex Cav guy I met on one cadre.
    He also informs us that the American tourists were best which shows what a twat he was.
  7. I have no time for drugs, but Mr John Nelson - what a twat. As for sticking one, two and often the horse gets in the action, so 3, up the tourists, good on them!
  8. yeah fair play for bagging the bints :lol:
    drugs no :evil:
    seen to many mates get fcuked over by that shite :evil:
  9. Jesus. A non-story, even by barrel-bottom-scraping Sun standards. 'Romping with tourists': which QR was that again?