A disgrace!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. I may not agree with his stance, but at least he didn't run away to Australia for 2 years and then come back saying he was a conchie like Joe Denton.
  2. it's the job he signed up to do let **** rot In jail.
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  3. "Lyons became disillusioned with the Afghanistan war after attending a training session where he was told that saving military lives would take priority over those of civilians."

    Surely casualties are treated accordingly depending on the severity of the wound no matter who they are, what I was taught anyway
  4. Actually, in fairness, the job he signed up to do was to ponce about on ships dishing out Brufen and sticking plasters, not running around with an assault rifle. There have been plenty of medics who have served on battlefields who were Conscientious Objectors, and to me, it looks like this bloke was not unwilling to deploy, just unwilling to use a firearm.
  5. Well, at the end of the day he joined the military and as such he knew what he could be asked to do. His preferential job is to ponce about on ships, but being in the military, he is obliged to do the job they allocate him. If that is cleaning toilets, running about with a gat or having the life of Riley on ships, then thats the job he does. if he didn't want to do that, why join or stay in.
  6. This man is a disgrace, how can you join the Forces as an informed adult and then decide that you don't want to do something military because you object to it? I objected to having to stag on Bruneval Bks back gate on Thu nights coz of all the shit we got as crows but hey ho got on with it an 16 yrs later still enjoying work!

    That said the paper said the Navy are going to Court Marshall him for it, surely he would have gone infront of the old man and when faced with the charge HE opted for CM? sounds like he knew he wasnt going to get away with it and decided if he went CM he might get the sympathy vote from the board, combined with making it public in the press? If anything this will just make it worse for him.

    Love the way the paper runs this alongside the young lass who got her medal for bravery, makes him look like the COWARD that he is.
  7. This is a problem in the RN but over the past ten years and changing political climate it is changing. Time was people could join certain branches in the RN knowing in full certainty they would probably never be placed in a combat situation. Wrens at sea highlighted this as well. It's often dismissed as bollocks and oldy baldies refusing to change with the times, and it's politically verboten to acknowledge that a significant number of wrens in the mob (most definately not all) who were previously only shore-based were unsuitable to the military roles the RN has had to adapt to. This goes for quite a few blokes as well, who as you stated - only signed up to sunbathe and go on the lash in far flung places. There are still people like that in the mob, I suspect there always will be. The comfort zones are slowly being eroded though.

    The RN turned into a bit of a drinking club after the Falklands I think and certain branches started "taking it easy" a bit too much.

    Edit> I think the recruitment process also has to change to reflect these changing times and political climate. The filters need to change, there are still people in the system who are wholly unsuitable to operational deployments.

    This medic's attitude is not representative of his branch but be certain - he is one of many.
  8. Fair game to the bloke. He's said his bit and now he is getting ******* pursued by the powers that be.

    No doubt make an example of him......

    Medics and weapons are a discussion point. Did he still want to go to Afghanistan? just not carrying a weapon?

    The way to deal with guys who have, or develop a political or moral stance against a deployment is to let them go. There is nothing to be gained from hang drawing and quartering them, it will alway look like David versus goliath.

    They will be of no use on the ground and jail seems like a petty revenge from the mob, no one comes out of it looking good.

    Let the man who agrees ideologically, politically and morally with the ops the Gvt sends the mob to fight, throw the first wellyboot

    Plus he's a ******* matelot medic, possibly the most unwarry specimen the human race can provide, what do you expect when you draft them into a landbased infantry war.

    Glad to see all the ******* ARRSE WARRY ***** ARMCHAIR SOCIETY rubbing their little peanut cocks all over this story...........
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  9. And if you can't get the spelling right for "Court Marshall" (sic) you are unlikely to be in a position to discuss this intelligently or from a position of knowledgable authority gained through actual service
  10. There have been a large number of conscientious objectors, who have served as medics precisely because they are saving lives & not taking them & who will not bear arms. I believe there have been Victoria Crosses awarded to medics in combat & if I remember correctly, the single largest category of Medal of Honor winners are Naval Corpsmen.

    Providing this person made his objection to bearing arms/taking lives clear at the time of enlistment, I don't believe he is a disgrace at all, he is a person who is prepared, under fire, with no means of self defense, to set out to save his comrades arrses.
  11. It's a volunteer military. If you are a consciencous objector, don't join. Simples.
  12. Unlike most the posters above, in the real world people gain experiences, develop, mature and can change their opinions with the passing of time.

    He won't be the first, he won't be the last. Grow the **** up
  13. Yeah, I'd agree with that.
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I joined, did my time, and never intended to take lives but to help save them, but then again I wore a big red cross on my arm.