A different photo view of the 911 site NYC

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Hopefully won't turn into another conspiracy theory post but the pics are the best I've seen, from the POV of providing an idea of scale. Spookily I spent last night watching a documentary on TV by two French blokes who on 9/11 were supposed to be filming a probationary firefighters progression. That was an eye opener too. At one point, when everyone from their station (on or off) duty had turned out, the probationer (who was supposed to be in the office) and the off duty Chief left the station unstaffed and went down together. They all then worked 24 on, 24 off over the next few days. Hats off to the lot of them.
  3. Trip-wire, This is the type of bollox thread that winds me up. Why do think having read our numerous responses to US posters comments about terrorism, do you think another picture of 9/11 is worth posting on this site. Sorry but it is kind of repetive, boring and banal..... much like your TV :wink:
  4. Awsome pictures, T_W.

    Bur I have to say at this point, I think you're tilting at windmills.
  5. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    The pictures that I posted have not been circulated that much and I know they haven't been on here! There has also been some other treads discussing the popular conspiracy theories, that I thought, some better views of the target might help. Perhaps, you should read what the other poster from the UK said about the pictures.

    Also, you have not bothered to answer my question on your false accusations on the tread 'What has happened to this forum,?' you posted. Since you have ignored my questions there, one has to assume, that you a bald face liar! As well as a trouble maker!

    Perhaps, if you hate 'Septics' so bad, you should consider divorcing your 'Septic' partner.

    In reviewing all the posts on this board, I don't see many, if any that amount to much. Is this caused by your problems with booze, or are you just stuck on stupid? :wink:
  6. what?
  7. From Cervantes' Don Quixote.
    An old, broken down Spanish knight, who charged windmills, believing they were giants.
    Now used to describe a hopeless cause.
    Think about it.
  8. now you remind me I have heard that before, just too dim to remember, thanks anyway
  9. so was it meant to mean the brits don't give a shit about 7/11? I wouldn't take what one tosspot says to be indicative of us all.
  10. The thing that puzzles me is how rusty the girders are.

    Could this be why they fell so quickly?
  11. Not at all, stroker. It was simply meant for Trip_Wires' consideration. Whether by accident or design, he's managed to piss off almost everybody here, and gets a negative reaction from almost everything he posts as a result. Hence, the hopless cause.
    I know you're all capable of great compassion, and feel just as bad about this as we.
  12. Trip, Just so You & the Others all Know, these photo's had to have been taken around the 16th or so. Before that day everything was covered in several inches of ash in the area, which was also filled with wrecked NYPD & NYFD vehicles. Some time around the 16th it rained finally which washed a lot of the grass areas, Sidewalks & such.

    Also many of those shots show "West" Street and the financial Ctr. which was covered in wreckage until the second week or so before path's could be cleared. By Oct. my duty Position was at "Liberty &West Streets" and had been cleaned up considerably. This is what it looked like the second & third days;[​IMG][/URL][/img]
  13. I am a Brit expat, living in the US and I care very deeply about 7/11- especially the Cherry Coke Slurpees and the hotdogs that the Indian store owners keep on a low heat for months at a time, thus allowing them to double as salmonella farms. Also, you never know when you might need a box of cornflakes and a bottle of sunscreen at 2am on Sunday morning. :D
  14. AM/PM stores are much better. You can also get last years chimichangas that can double as artillery shells for fighting evildoers.

    PS:Your avatar pic looks disturbingly like Melissa Etheridge
  15. Cheers, that might be enough to send Corey Feldman over the edge sufficiently for him to end it all. Will be forwarding a link to his publicist/mother first thing in the morning.

    But can you get 6 year old Twinkies at AM/PM?