A different Muslim perspectve

don't think it's going to disapper anytime soon, it's been around for a while.

it all makes sense what she is saying, well at least the words do, cant understand a thing she is saying...
One brave lady, probably not much longer for this world though.
What an incredibly articulate woman.

Hat well and truly doff-ed.
This lady speaks some strong words, however the ignorant will ignore and as fellow arrsers have mooted, she might not be too long for this world.

Pity the guy had difficulty articulating his words without gross gesticulation.

Well said and what a brave woman.
very true words ,its no good fighting a war in araq and afghanistan if islam is taking over this country from the inside ,the time has come to fight back in this country to stop the spread of islam
To quote Bill Bailey, IMHO one of the finest current comedians:
"Which leads me very nicely to the Taliban; were they really that backward, or were they the finest minds of the fourteenth century?"
Very brave and intelligent lady.......

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