A different laser eye question

LSimpson1986 said:
Oh man......really?

The online careers officer I spoke to said it was done on a case-by-case basis?

p.s. what do you mean initially rejected? are you trying again?
It is case by case - they'll ask you for lots of data & tests specific to your eyes pre & post-surgery, measure your results up with their entry standards, & inform you as to whether you meet all of their criteria or not.

Obviously you should give it a go anyway. If they reject you then at least you can say you gave it a shot.

I was initially rejected as some of my data submitted was interpreted wrongly. Fortunately my refractive surgeon clarified this via a letter.
Only from personal experience, yes. I had a right to appeal if I could submit additional evidence, but I wouldn't have bothered if my eye did actually exceed 6.00.
LSimpson1986 said:
I know this would probably be frowned upon by members here but is there any way I could get past by not mentioning the surgery?
Probably, as long as your name isn't really L Simpson and you weren't really born in 1986
LSimpson1986 said:
apologies to double post, but Glasgow_Jock, is there any other information you have about your application which may be relevant?
For example, when did you apply, and how was the data misinterpreted?
I started the balling rolling on my application just under a year ago mate.

There are two different equations for working out eye prescription; one for those just wearing glasses / contact lenses, another for those that have undergone refractive surgery. The former was used for me by accident, though a follow up letter from my surgeon highlighted this & it was resolved.

Looking at your numbers again mate, has CYL been taken in to account? If you had moderate astigmatism prior to surgery you might be in with a shout as only half of the CYL is applied to refractive surgery candidates instead of the whole for those wearing glasses (example, this reduced my prescription in one eye by 1.00D alone).

What you should do is print off the relevant section from the JSP 346 document for refractive surgery, pop in to your local ACIO & request an army optician form & then make an appointment with the clinic that performed your surgery and ask if you meet the criteria listed.

As for your former post, the ADSC were unaware of my surgery initially due to a paperwork problem (no record of surgery with my GP as well). Being an overly honest bloke I told them hence the delay. Otherwise I would have started CIC back in spring. Whether my surgery would have been picked during the medical at CIC is anyone's guess, I was unwilling to chance it personally.

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