A different kind of Walt.

Sergeant H4H walt - he's not the cadet fella is he?
On the plus side there are loads of our 'brave Squaddies' inside for assault and domestic violence so he'll get a reet kicking.
How do H4H ensure money collected actually makes it to them? I assumed collections were organised by the charity and buckets were sealed somehow.

If a fundraiser manages to raise £500 in a day, in cash and with no oversight other than being expected to send the money in, there must be a serious temptation to take a cut.
I think collection boxes are sealed with a sticker seal thingy. I dunno however, never been involved in that kind of charity collecting


My Missus worked for Landmarc and was dicked as 'Charity Champion'. The company chose H4H as one of the lads was a TA Captain who got it in both legs when the ANA decided to go viral and murder the Company Commander. She raised 12k for them.

I'd nick it if I knew I'd get away with it.

No, you wouldn't.

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