A different contact lense question.

How do you go about wearing contacts through out phase1? I wear my contacts all the time and dont realy wear glasses(cuz i look like a t**t in them). I have read on other treads on this subject, i know the offical answer is no to contacts in the army but heard some people do. Do you just as your co or just wear them? I also read that some people get through there medicl wearing them is this true?
There is certainly no problem with wearing contacts in the Army, in certain trades the Army will even re-imburse you for their purchase.

As for wearing them during phase 1, you would have to ask at the ACIO. Your best bet is to take a pair of gigs anyway then you are covered on all fronts.
I wore mine through basic and apart from the exercise phases didn't have much of a problem. Bear in mind that changing them in the field isn't easy. Sleeping in them is a nightmare. Loads of people use them, I ended up going back to glasses though for most of my career.
You can't wear them in NBC conditions don't forget so for that you will need glasses. Contacts don't work well underwater either so on certain assault courses (Combat Trail at Brecon springs to mind) you'll need glasses.

You want something like these:
Compact, good field of view, flexible titanium arms, scratch-resistant.
The Army will issue you with a pair of glasses for exercise use.
Wear contacts as normal in barracks.

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