A Difference between Ways of Doing Things

I cannot help feeling that had the 'blue on blue' tragedy been British aircraft on American ground troops, the British airmen would have been hung out to dry.
Possibly, they would be tried by a civilian court of so-called justice.
The treatment of HM Forces, in all respects, by this spineless, gutless, hopeless government that sent them to invade a sovereign nation on the whim of a pair of dangerous political light-weights, is a national disgrace and will form a major plank of the 'legacy' of Bliar.
The idea that our guys would have had to appear in civil court is quite right. Some have. I don't think the results of this procedure where followed indicate that we have an unduly severe attitude to what happens on the battlefield. The alternative would be to deal with things as the Americans seem to have acted here and our opinion seems to disapprove of that also.

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