A dicks life

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by General Ginge, Apr 9, 2013.

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  2. Pssst, this is a forum for jokes.

    joke (jk)
    1. Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement, especially an amusing story with a punch line.
    2. A mischievous trick; a prank.
    3. An amusing or ludicrous incident or situation.
    4. Informal
    a. Something not to be taken seriously; a triviality: The accident was no joke.
    b. An object of amusement or laughter; a laughingstock: His loud tie was the joke of the office.
    v. joked, jok·ing, jokes
    1. To tell or play jokes; jest.
    2. To speak in fun; be facetious.
    To make fun of; tease
  3. well TOP, your post does mention 'a triviality'. ^
  4. As maybe but still not a joke.

    Can he be banned or put on ROP's, others have for less with hundreds of posts not just single figures
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  5. Was meant as an insult not an act of support.
  6. Thats straight out of Team America is nt it? Only then it was funny.

    You will be the Troop Party-animal...........
  7. Fucking YAWN!!!one!!!
  8. Stolen from my kindy joke book.
  9. Except my kindy joke book also says, 'He has a plastic bag forced over his head and made to do push-ups til he spews!"
  10. Kill yourselves to death
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  11. Are you normally the 'bummer' or the 'bumee'? :glomp:
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  12. I have it on good authority (from a friend of mine who is also a homosexualist) the the correct terminology is 'top' or 'bottom'.
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  13. Yeah, no manners at all us Aussies.