A dialect of its own?

As I was listening to BBC R4 this morning I caught a programme called Voices. The programme looks at the English language as it is spoken around the Uk and as a whole. Top programme anyway. My question is this. Having served with various geographically recruited regiments, I have picked up a number of dialect terms and now use them in my ahem..Received English Pronunciation speak.

My personal favourite - thank you 101 and 4th - is the verb to bray something. "Come here man and i'll bray you", or Wayay man, sorr, if ye hold this tent peg then i'll bray it..."

However I have others including "minty" - something double-plus ungood (courtesy of my time in 103 Air Defence) and kale-eyed - drunk to feck - also Geordie/Mackham.

I also quite like the expression janner pig to describe Devonians but that is perhaps more for NAAFI time than this intelligent salon des artes and belles lettres?

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