A Desktop memory of your chosen Battle Wagon (A Memory in 1/35th)

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Onelung, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Hello all members of the RAC, How would you like a reminder of a favorite Battle Wagon, from Centurion to Challenger 2, Dingo to Jackal 2, Daimler Armd Car to Scimiter, Bedford 3 Tonner to Stalwart, or how about an Austin Champ or a Land Rover. I can build you the vehicle of your choice, to exact specifications, from photographs or even a verbal description.
    If you would like one please look at my website http;//militaryvehiclesinscale.weebly.com, there are a sample of prices, a fuller explanation of the service, my telepone number and Email address. Also a selection of photographs of the vehicles I have built for past members of the RTR.
  2. MMMMMmmm military models.... :drool: (Not my own work, but a very talented modeler you will admit.)


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  3. I was amazed at the ability to paint the piping and the eagles on the uniforms - then I noticed the width of the table in the background. Those tanks must be about 2'6" long so about 1/8th scale?
  4. I think you'll find they are Action man type figures, so you're right on the size of them!!
  5. They are 1/6th scale. The PzKfw II is by Dragon Models, and so are the figures and uniforms. They've also done a 1/6th Sherman.

    If you want to see some more amazing 1/6th builds have a look at these:

    Pak 38 Marder II

    M3A3 Stuart re-build

    A7v: Wip

    MarkIV: WIP - More pics added - 26 in total

    Landrover WMIK - rebuild project
  6. As models go, this one takes some beating:

  7. The Military Model show at the the Musée des Blindés is well worth going to. Some German blokey had a low loader with a Leopard 2 on it. Everything worked; even the loading ramps worked by r/c
  8. Can't find your website, Mucker. I'd be interested in a 439 complete with Scam Mast
    twin 3.5kva Onans (in the box) Band 1 and Band 2 Antennas, quad and Co-ax drums
    I can provide plenty of photos.
  9. Impressed by the models and the prices.
  10. Likewise!