A delightful new way of getting bombs past VCPs.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. The Times article
    Is there no depths these creatures wont stoop to? I am pretty sure the Qur'an must have something to say on this matter... surely.

    Words absolutly fail me, I could live with it if the kids got away too. But this....
  2. Wots a couple of kids to these tw*ts, they all think they are going into some f*cking eutopian afterlife anyway where they will be held up for all to see as matyrs and heros to the cause.

    And they call us the infidels and non believers f*cking cheeky w*nkers
  3. Quite fcukin' scary what these nut cases will pull to achieve their aims.
  4. BS propaganda.
  5. Well - look at it from a point of view that the Quran doesn't allow it.... just like the bible doesnt allow certain things - never stopped the catholic IRA....
  6. No, its quite true and has been going on for some time, the other one is the one is where the suicide bomber ties his whole family (wife and numerous kids) into a motor and martyrs them all.
  7. Look at the chemical attacks using chlorine tankers. They just want to kill anybody and anything. Beyond me.
  8. Apalling. Just that . . . . .

    There are Koran-based prohibitions of this kind of thing, and of all forms of murder; but those are the verses these people and their educators conveniently choose to ignore. They focus on the truly satanic verses.
  9. Come on mate! do you really think that they actually give a shoite what the Koran says? they believe whatever bullkaka the imam tells them and if the Imam is a particularly evil cowardly fecker, then sacrificing kids (who will probably be kidnapped off the streets anyway) wouldnt be a problem to them, all in the name of Allah!!

    The west should pull out and let the country implode!! I personally couldnt give a feck if the Iraqis wipe themselves off the face of the map
  10. These fcukers are probably not even Iraqi.
  11. The ends justify the means. As the catholic church once said. :meditate:
  12. It's not so much about the quran as about interpretation and the age old people believing what they want to believe. The ones doing the interpretation are the ones to go after - though there's rather a lot of them.
  13. Quite agree. Virtually any holy writ among Christians/Jews/Islamists is open to wide interpretation - often in diametrically opposite ways. But when the chosen way is poisonously evil, as with this business, it's the peddlers of dangerous fables that need targeting. They effectively make the bullets; the grunts just fire them for them.
  14. I wouldn't mind catching the two adults though.

    I am thinking 20 ltres of benz in an old OMD-90 drum, one end cut out. stand 'em in it, and stand well back....
  15. Might be a book in there somewhere ........ :biggrin: