A Decent Motor?

So, small Civvy and I were in the corner shop the other day, and he stops at the Lottery counter and says "Dad, can we get a ticket so we can buy a new car".
Now I don't think he's quite grasped the idea we may not win, but he's probably right it's the only way I'll get a brand new motor in the near future.
But then I got to thinking, even if money was no object, what would I buy? Gotta have at least 3 seats, so that's most exotic sports cars out of the picture. Always hated Beemers, the interiors are just too Germanic; If there's shiny black leather I prefer it on my girlfriend not my car interior. Audi's used to have a bit of style but are now just for the spoiled sons of Asian businessmen. Mercs are for drug dealers, Bentley's for footballers and their wives around here. Saab's used to have individuality, but are now just soulless. New Minis are for hairdressers.

So come on Arrsers, if money wasn't a problem, what would you drive that has a bit of style? Or more amusingly what would you avoid and why?
Something classic but usable.

Older Roller or Bentley Mulsanne just for pootling about.

BMW 635csi batmobile, Jensen Interceptor, maybe a Bristol or pre-Ford Aston Martin

Although I've always fancied a Triumph 2500PI estate as a practical classic
A Mk II Renault Clio. There's nothing like the sound of a 1.1 litre engine with a cone filter roaring up a dual carriageway.
As a daily driver an S Class or an A8 , for country sporting events a Range Rover.
Money no object?

Universal Carrier with tonneau and after-market heating and air conditioning.
OK, I guess some of us are showing our age here, and classics can certainly have more class, but what about new cars? Do any of them have style without being chavvy?
No object then this:

But then I'd have something sensible as well for driving round town.
For fun, something 70's V8, probably an Aston Martin, or a DeTomaso.

For daily use, NSU RO80.

For sedate days, a Bristol or a Lancia Flaminia.

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The Maserati above for every day. Aston Martin DB6S for high days and holidays.

Oh, and a Bristol for ringing the changes.
And a V12 drop-head E-type.
Not modern by any stretch of the imagination, but totally outrageous. The Plymouth Roadrunner
One of these for around town work and lengthy trips...

And a fully loaded Ford Ranger for owt else.
Citroen SM
Citroen style, Maserati engine
What could go wrong?

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