A decent article on the BBC about the BNP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by harareboy99, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. When I first clicked on it I thought it would be another ranting, 'they're all racists and nazis' hysterical BBC article.

    However I find it quite level headed and it makes a point which I feel is very valid - Many in the UK agree with many of the BNP's policies, yet won't ever vote for them because of stigma, baggage and the 'we Brits don't do extremism' view. Not to mention the whole media, especially the BBC are massively anti-BNP.

    I'm just putting it out there.

    For example the readers comments below the article seem to be split 50/50, those ranting about 'Nazis' and those complaining of too much immigration, losing our culture (you would think, ideal BNP supporters).

    I know people who have openly made fun of the BNP yet pretty much agree with their core ideals - British Nationalism, anti-immigration, hatred of political correctness etc

    BBC News - Viewpoint: What are BNP supporters really like?
  2. "Recalling his days selling race-hate literature in London's East End, Matthew Collins says: "We took the traditional Brick Lane Sunday drink with the BNP that day, watching strippers and eating a selection of mussels and whelks off the bar."

    All they would have needed was a Cockney-style sing-song of Horst Wessel Lied and Deutschland Uber Alles around the old Joanna and that would have topped off a perfect National Socialist Sabbath for Matthew and his comrades.

    The above memory isn't the only unintentionally hilarious anecdote contained within Collins' new book, Hate - a recollection of his time both in the National Front and the British National Party.

    His evolution from the son of an Irish Catholic father to a fascist street fighter mouthing mantras of 'No Surrender to the IRA' is peppered with bizarre and often achingly funny passages, which in turn highlight how absurd, perverse and out of touch with reality most of his far right chums actually were back in the 1990s.

    There are, however, more sinister segments of the book and they include his relationship with Ulster loyalists who had latched onto the NF and other neo-Nazi organisations in Britain.

    Of these the most prominent is Eddie Whicker, a UDA member from Belfast who became somewhat of a personality on the London far right scene at the time Collins was an active fascist. Whicker was one of the most militant of the extreme right street thugs taking on leftists, some of whom marched in pro-IRA rallies in the UK capital and other British cities.

    Reading Collins' fascinating memoir raised questions as to how useful, if at all, the various parties and groups on the far right were to the Ulster loyalist cause. The answer to that question, taking a long view of history, would be hardly at all. In fact, Hate confirms the analysis put forward by the likes of the late David Ervine that the far right's embrace of the loyalist cause was nothing short of embarrassing.

    There can be no doubting the connections established from the early 1970s onwards between the NF, BNP and the more extreme Combat 18 to the two main loyalist paramilitary organisations."

    The BNP are a bunch of extreme right wing thugs, Nazis and criminals trying to achieve respectability by going mainstream and conning those parts of the electorate that would probably be better off never having been emancipated. Read the book by someone who was part of it, before they saw the light. And don't bore me with denials, I've heard the Final Solution was a figment of the Jewish Conspiracy's imagination before, and I didn't think it worthy of reply then either.
  3. This sound familiar, almost like I've heard it somewhere before...ah, yes, the National Socialist Party in the 1930's said the same thing: German Nationalism, anti-semitism, hatred of communism etc...

    Basically they choose the subjects that people are genuinely worried about, wrap them around their true agenda, which makes the bitter pill of their true policies easier to swallow. But they're still a bunch of cnuts.

    What we really want are the mainstream parties addressing these issues instead of making sound bites to the media.

    I truly hope the BNP don't ever get in 'cos I'll have to leave Blighty, as I'm half-Irish and the rest is a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and Viking (and probably anyone else who decided to rape and pillage their way through the country in the past)!
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  4. Endlessly posting 'the BNP are vile racist knuckledraggers' was not the point of this thread.

    Okay, put it this way. Could the BNP or another far right party ever be electable?
  5. We can only hope...
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  6. You missed the point of my post... YES ... and that should worry you, 'cos it does me.
  7. for most volk,,, opps, soz, i ment folk, voting BNP is a protest vote.
    I myself agree with a lot of what the BNP say (no joke). But they are appealing to the ire of the masses with ulterior motives, their ultimate end-game is a one-party state.
    listen to them, if you disagree you are a 'traitor' and 'should have no rights'. in this kind of political game there always is an enemy and a next group on the hit list.

    first it will be the 'mooslim ray gunners', then anyone else not white, then anyone not a W.A.S.P, the queers, the coons and the reds and the jews etc etc.........

    same old formula from EDL to BNP to NF to BU to Mein Kampf.

    be careful what you wish for.
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  8. Lots of disillusioned Germans used their protest vote in 1933 and the rest is history as they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. About the same odds of Scotland beating England on Saturday; between Slim and None. And Slim is out of town.

    Unless there is some kind of Reichstag Fire incident that causes massive loss if life and can be proved to have been caused by non-white terrorists armed with Muslamic Ray Guns, the Far Right will never have sufficient support to be anything more than a distraction.

    The real danger of the Far Right is that it produces someone like the Norwegian Knight Templar-Walt. The Nail Bomber was bad enough...
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  10. the bottom line is no. they will never have the numbers to be more than a small % of the political establishment.
    the fact is that most 'BNP supporters' when it comes to the crunch are all gob and dont vote. the election figures speak for themselfs.

    IMHO, we NEED the BNP/EDL etc, they consolidate all the nasty bigoted types together in one easy identifiable group and it stops them polluting other partys.
    and on that note a big 'Thank You' to the BNP/EDL turds, for being a constant reminder on how ignorance and lack of higher education leads to base blind hatred and that everyone should allways LOOK AT WHAT PEOPLE DO!!!! NOT JUST LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY!
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  11. Yes it is perfectly possible that a right wing party would be elected all they have to do Is be clever with how they present themselves and distance them selves from the culture of right wing = Nazi.
  12. I don't think the BNP are a threat, and I actually think that their presence is healthy for democracy.

    If the BNP had any potential, they'd have made some sort of political advance by now. Comparing them with the Nazis is facile: the Nazis were cleverly led, and swept to power - initially at least - on a massive democratic mandate.
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  13. Okay then, take for example myself....

    Voted Tory in the last election. However, mostly through a desperation to get rid of Labour. I'd say I was certainly much further to the right than the current leadership.

    I want immigration brought under control.
    I hate the multi-culturism culture shoved down my throat.
    I want a strong military.
    I hate Political Correctness.
    I want an independent foreign policy. Not isolationist, but not a bitch to America or any other nation.
    I am eurosceptic.
    I hate the welfare state.

    However I believe in democracy, the rule of law and 'don't hate the darkies'. Just realise that flooding Britain with them is a moronic thing to do.

    Pretty much what a lot of Arrse users would also think. On the face of it, I am a small c conservative and should vote Tory. But let's face it, this lot are hardly that different from the last lot.

    Who can I vote for in the next election? There is nobody who represents my view.

    The BNP are just too moronic and beyond the pale to vote for. They just aren't electable.

    Now, if a new party emerged, dissociated themselves from the EDL/National Front crowd and put up a presentable face, with decent well thought our policies...well maybe, just maybe, I just would vote for them.
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  14. A series of 7th July like bombings? Or our dreaded 'Mumbai' like attack? With a weak government response afterwards?

    And England gave away millions of penalties against Georgia. Do that against the boot of the Scotland kicker and England are****ed. But I digress.
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  15. just like the way the BU/NF/BNP/EDL are allways reinventing themselves as a 'nonviolent' alternative to appeal to the masses??

    and they allways end up with the same mouth-breathing knuckle draggers looking for any excuse for a fight with anyone different.

    good luck. crack on.