A Decade of Spin and Error

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bat_Crab, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Sir John Major's view on ten years of Bliar. Aside from a shameless plug for the Tories at the end of the article, this had me nodding in agreement on the journey to work this morning.

    Times Online

    Is this the result of the Government inducing the populous into apathy, or an increasingly apathetic populous allowing the Government to make promises knowing they will never have to follow through?

    Too true, now more than ever government is about staying in power, rather than doing anything good for the country. Nothing matters except getting that next term in office.

    Well would they? I doubt it, but is that solely due to this government or have we always distrusted those in power. How much of the current furore surrounding MI5 is due to mistrust of those in power?

    What indeed? The government has merely succeeded in further alienating NHS staff and over-complicating managerial procedure at the expense of clinical best practice.

    Are these more disreputable than we have seen from any Government in history? Or maybe the sheer number of disreputable acts is distinct from any previous government?

    Things can only get better?

    John Major took some stick during his time in office, but he was significantly better than Bliar or any of his lackies. Whilst the timing of this article is obviously intended to improve Conservative results at the local elections, I can't help but think that for one of our senior statesmen to write in this manner is deeply symbolic of how egregious this government and this Prime Minister have been.
  2. My opinion on Major?

    Hello Pot this is kettle, you are Black over.

    Blair merely continued where Major and his cronies left off. (Having said that Blair has turned corruption into an art form)

    I spit on all of them.
  3. Always had a lot of time for Major. An honourable and able man (how many of those in Parliament these days?). Sadly grey, specs, tucked shirt into y fronts - therefore perceived as dull and destroyed by the media.
    We are paying now for our descent into septic-style 'style over substance' politics, which is how we ended up with Bliar and the rest. Mind you, this spells bad news for Brown doesn't it. The nature of the substance is all-too obvious, and as for style....
    Wonder is Major would have done better had we known about him & Currie at the time?
  4. Hopefully this won't signal a descent into American style politics where the candidate with the largest campaign budget wins. With a bit of luck the next general election will bankrupt Labour anyway.
  5. Turnout was so high because people were so disillusioned with the Tories and their policies that they wanted a regime change. Unfortunately they didn't get it.