A decade of memorable knobbers.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Porridge_gun, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    In January as, you know, Arrse see's its tenth Birthday.

    During that time we've had some bellends, misfits, trolls and trousermausers of epic proportions attempting to fit in, take part, annoy, entertain or commit suicide.

    This thread is to list the chods that may have been forgotten, consider it a cockstand memorial to penis's past.

    I think the earliest and one of the first episodes was probably Blondebint, going back to 2003. Thats documented all over the site so won't go further here.

    Who is your most memorable knob? Who, if you close your eyes and think of internet fuckwittery shines through as a beacon of wankerdom.
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  2. Izzy.jpg

    Izzywizzyfukbitz or whatever she was called.
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  3. waithbraite/trambaun/Gutaway etc who I now see had even more aliases than I'd ever guessed. Throbber of the highest order.

    Gutaway - ARRSEpedia
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  4. Has to be Whet for me. What a cunt he is/was.
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  5. Chubb and it's 10,000 other usernames.
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  6. Maybe I am losing it in my advancing years, but I find it difficult to recall any major nobs in the early days (when I was mainly a lurker). What is certain is that the site has seen a drastic decline in quality (both current affairs and humour) over the last couple of years and has been infested with trolls and undesirables. For what it is worth, I will kick off with my nominations:

    1. Sven and his various "disguises". Always, but always guaranteed to derail a thread and argue black is white.
    2. Afghan Kandak (who I still have on ignore, but appears to have disappeared anyway).
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  7. Afghan_cuntybollocks. Ocean going cunt.
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  8. Two arrsers no longer with us:

    (Edited to avoid confusion.)

    One very sadly delusional case: Caubeen. A very memorable knobber. RIP
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  9. That Mister_Doh_Nut fella..... Even God hated him. :)
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  10. Part time Pongo for being a sexual predator "off screen" but a whiter than white afficienado in his MOD role.

    And also for being a TA lance jack.
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  11. And queers! :-D
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  12. So why mention him on a "Memorable Knobbers" thread?

    He loved auto though.
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  13. it would be remiss of us not to mention BBR. a legend really...
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  14. Your quite right and I stress he was absolutely NOT a knobber.
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  15. I thought Sven became Whet... I might be wrong.
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