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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fozzy, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. "A Day" is nearly upon us. Anyone want a guess as to when it will actually be? 4th July is what has been briefed out.

    I reckon once the spending review and Armed Forces day are out of the way, they might go early.
    Next Tuesday might be good ;-)
  2. I hope it's soon. The whole thing is having a negative effect on people's morale.
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  3. We might be binned or rerolled. Find out next Wednesday supposedly.
  4. 3rd more likely.
  5. sack everyone then take them all back on new contracts as soldiers in the army reserve force.
    or raf for those that are dyslexic!!
  6. My boss says they'll wait till just before the parliamentary summer holiday, drop the bombshell then all bomb burst and hide.
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  7. Yep, standard procedure for announcing something that won't go down well. If it causes loads of TA soldiers to leave, I wonder who it will rebound on? Certainly not on the people leaving - but on the army officers who were tasked with expanding the TA and actually shrank it.
  8. From what i've seen and heard from very credible sources, there is a clear awareness of need to get it out. Its not being sat on for shits&giggles but for good reasons apparently.
    Were i a betting man then i would say sooner rather than later.

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  9. Our RUMINT has told us pretty much what is happening to our Cap Badge. But the bit about how they're going to fit a bunch of new recruits in a building that has no space for the current lot is something I'll be interested in.
  10. Yep - that's my take. I reckon this Tuesday. The spending review is now out the way, Armed Forces day will have come and gone and there will pressure to get this out. Also, there have been pretty big hints dropped by both CGS and the SofS as to the timings.

    So I guess it is a case of "Stand By!"
  11. A mass get together on the 6th for the senior echelons would suggest that it's going to happen this week come what may. It must be important as its a Saturday and the regulars are running it....

    Let's just hope that the White Paper has some substance, not hollow promises and wishy washy offers. Tangible benefits (not accreditation for training you would have done anyway!) are required to mitigate the 'offer' that will see increased mobilisation powers, more frequent call-out, the maintenance of higher standards of training, and less flexibility for the Reservist as to when he/she can or must attend. I fear that the benefits to the Army (as per the Green Paper results (never properly published despite a promise to do so - https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/future-reserves-2020-consultation)) will outwiegh those attributable to the reservists and/or the employer, and the whole thing might unravel. Add that to downsizing a force you are struggling to recruit against a backdrop of regular redundancies, and the recruiting landscape could not be regarded as 'fertile'.

    Renaming the Force from the TA (with over 100 years of history) to the Army Reserve must not be 'lipstick on a pig', but I fear it might be. We will see. If there are benefits from the change, then those affected might be better inclined towards the new model. If the TACOS changes are delayed, or do not materialise (medical, pensions, better pay, dental, etc) and I worry about a programme called Project 21 (the clue is in the title) delivering the NEM, then we may lose people, not just not get new ones...
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  12. I've been in three regiments and the first has closed down and my second trade looks likely to be disbanded. No confidence in this announcement - I expect it to be a cluster from start to finish.
  13. Well, we shall know very soon. Though it's likely to be a very confused message, 'we're increasing the effective strength and the role of the Reserves, and to do this we are going to close down TA centres and quite possibly lose most of the soldiers who are based at those locations'. Hmmmmm good luck with that.
  14. That is because as we all know, the drive to 30k plus 8k in training is not actually an increase. Weren’t we at 42k, just massively under recruited? Therefore units will have to close. I’ve seen the desire that every man will be expected to do 40 days, but until this year, Regts were budgeted on 42 although the minimum was 27.

    A lot of the phrasing will be a sop to our regular brethren – to make them feel that the TA is becoming more like them. However, as with everything, we all believe the big lie and the headlines, but it is in the detail which is so important.

    Increase in mobilisation – check for last 10 years, increase in compulsion, are we going back to COs w/es? Difficult for casual labour to implement. Cutting TACs – lower foot print, less soldiers… hang on, that doesn’t make sense.