A day in the life of an ALF/surveillance operative

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Bound_Apprentice, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Ah !

    takes me back to Op ROGER, Donnington and Westdown camp
  2. Out of the country for a few weeks without decent comms and log and the first thing I see is ALF/SURVEILLANCE !

    He does look a bit like him though !

    Any news on his book TMA ?

    Will it have to go through the MOD if it identifies any Harp Players ? Watch out Subsonic the review in the "Erwys Harold Gazette" circa 1985 is in danger of being revealed - although I thought the role of Widow Twanky was well up your street !
  3. Apparently there is already a D notice in place, and there will be a post production meeting about some of the shoddy scenery changes too! :D
  4. Not a thing MOC - although my Amazon Account is steup to receive any notifications.

    I understand however that Farmer Radford has impending other problems concerning civil legal matters about to hit his doorstep ! :oops:

    Anyway where have you been ? Travelling on one of the Sy Gurus dodgy passports again no doubt !

    You owe me a visit !