A david Shepherd painting I am trying to trace

Sorry to barge in on the officers Mess, but I need to know if anyone out there is based in the Arborfield Officers Mess.

If so, I believe a David Shepherd Painting is present in the Mess that depicts a scene from the conflicts of Radfan around the 25 May 1964.

This scene shows two REME Cpl's repairing a Scout Helicopter which had previously carried the CO 3 PARA and his Int officer.

I am also led to understand there is a citation or commendation present alongside the painting.

Sadly my father passed away 4 years ago and it has only come to light that he and his 'best mate' were those two REME Cpl's.

If possible could anyone let me know if this painting is in the Mess, and if so is it possible to find out if there are any prints of the aforementioned painting. If no prints could there be a chance that through this info super highway thingy that I could have some pictures.

At the moment all we have of this is a couple of newspaper clippings and a copy of the press release.

Thanks in advance, help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. :D
i am sorry to hear that you have only just found out about your fathers 'fame' - but what a lovely way to remember him.

i hope you find the print


Your painting is in West Court, the REME Corps Officers' Mess, at Arborfield along with a description of the event. Your best bet would be to write to the Corps Steward (Mr Green) at ...

West Court Officers' Mess

and ask if you could either visit to see the painting or if there are any prints available. Sorry I don't have the Mess phone number to hand.

Judging by the citation and what the painting shows, your Dad was a brave man.

Good luck
Try ringing David on 01623 799 309 / 07974 371 255.

Or you can email him: d@art.info

Something similar happened a few years back - I think you will find David will be able to give you more information, if you haven't already been in contact.

Good luck!
Thanks for that am going to try to get there within the next couple of days as will be on a short course in the vicinity.

Don't think it was so much bravery as he was a great believer in 'just doing his job', pretty modest too.

Trying to figure out if he had deserved more than just a GOC's commendation as I understand the actual landing was kind of controversial.

Anyway thanks for your help and lets hope I get to see it.
Got it, now it has been posted in the gallery. Took pics of it and will also have them framed for family members.

Still trying to get a copy of the letter/commendation/citation/description that goes with it.

Thanks for all the help it has brought something home at last.
The painting is currently hung in Arborfield Garrison Officers Mess (just outside Reading) on loan from West court Officers Mess. The citation is hanging next to it. I will in that area this weekend and will copy it out and post it here. Can't remember of the top of my head if it mentioned the awards given but it does a good job of describing the situation.

If you wish to arrange a visit to see the painting please PM me and I will ensure this happens.
Checked in on the painting this weekend. It is still present in SEAE Officers Mess, Arborfield, however the description of the painting no longer hangs besides it. I will contact the PMC and try to locate it. Sorry I could not be of more help. Will post more info if I recieve it.

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