A Date with BuggerAll..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Juan_Ramirez_III, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. I think BuggerAll has finally made me see the error of my t'internet ways.

    He quite rightly bollocked me recently and, if I search deep into my soul I have to admit he has a point. I am uneccessarily cruel, I target the weak and the defenceless and in a vain attempt to bolster my own faltering personality and thinly disguised fragility I spit venom and spite at anyone i consider fairgame.

    The first step on my long journey to change this wounded and vengeful heart into a beacon of morality, of justice and of giving and love is to repair the fractured ties that me and BuggerAll share.

    Knowing little about him but his probable age, an afternoon at Doncasters utterly essence Xscape, throwing ourselves headlong down its heady slopes whilst laughing together and high fiving may be a bit much.

    Quaser may be out as well as I get flashbacks and last time forearm smashed a nine year old from Salford whilst screaming at his Mum in broken Pashtun.

    Any ideas where I can take him? If it goes well and we finish the night warmly embracing and waving each other off into the night ill make a habit of it and start making amends with them that theatrically spit out swear words and kick their Nans cat when I write rude words and funnyish descriptions.
  2. Since this is the NAAFI

    Once up the ricker blah blah blah :)

    Any mini moto events happening

    Chasing your mates around a go Kart track on impossibly small bikes is a fookin hoot plus if you can nerf em off the accidents can be quite spectacular
  3. Where can you take him? Up the arrse so he can be outraged and use a larger font a lot.
  4. Fair one, I get the feeling he is overly competitive though, if he comes off his ride and starts bleeding gravy all over the track Im going to be no nearer to mending his wounded heart.

    I am leaning towards some theatre, a few malt whiskies and two's up on a Jap whore on the way to Piccadilly via the Tropical Palm in Chinatown.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Since you are both male, you can skip the usual bullshit that is required on a date. He won't be impressed if you order the most expensive bottle of wine at Pizza Express, neither will he give a shit if you pay for the taxi home.

    If I were in the same situation, I'd get a bottle of cheap brandy and head straight to the local park after sundown. Find the bush where adolescent kids stash their porn, you know the one that the tramp sleeps in during the day? Then take it in turns to stick your sweaty fingers in each other's mud eyes. You never know, you might even find some like minded blokes who will also be up for a bit of claypipe destruction.
  6. A male arsehole is one thing but a saggy male arsehole is another.

    It's like rocking up to a Kings of Leon gig and finding Bon Jovi doing an acoustic set instead..
  7. Theatre ??

    So who's wearing the dress or are you going to take it turns :) (says he who laughed his arrse off at Avenue Q at Wyndhams )

    Oh contact details for the oriental minx would be greatly appreciated
  8. Like I said, Tropical Palm, couple of streets down from Long Legs, its a cesspit with frightened looking immigrants in babydoll nighties dancing awkwardly in the reception.
  9. Well this thread has yielded some quality results ! Me and Northern_Monkey are off to Legoland on Saturday followed by some big eats at Harry Ramsdens and Jim24 is taking me fly fishing on the River Aryn Saturday next.
  10. You could always take BuggerAll to the crimbo panto. Think of what a treat it would be for you both. ;-)

  11. How about Diggerland for all things Yellow n loggy
  12. ooohhhh nooo it wouldnt
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    JR111 is ex RM so he's probably seen loads of blokes dreessed as women mincing about
    No point going to the local funhouse that ball park assault course will give JR flashbacks to basic training

    Why not put all your favorite medals on and walt it up down the Legion
    Most outrages story wins the night
  14. You upset me once as well you horrid man.

    Buy me a big box of Milk Tray, take me dancing, a light supper and a few drinks, and you can use my brown eye all night long as a willy warmer.

    Be aware that my anus does currently look like the Sarlac Pit from Return of the Jedi.

  15. Hold up,what's all this talk of jolly nights out? Does this mean the Facebook Memorial page should be taken down and the JRIII Memorial Bench should be cancelled?