A cure for alcoholism?

Some French johnny has announced that he has found another use for a known muscle relaxant drug. Apparently with continued treatment, it will cure alcoholism (or by the sound of it, the desire to drink)

May sound strange but folk should remember the story of Zyban, the anti smoking drug. It was originally going to be a anti-depressant whose side effect, after human trial, was found to be the desire to give up smoking. I know as I was one of the first prescribed it in the military back in 2003. Six months downgrade was worth it - I'm still off the weed.

The story is here.

How badly do you think this could hit Mess profits? :D


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I thought the best answer was White Lightening!? Lots of it, problem over.
There is no cure for addictions, be it alcoholism or drug addiction. Medical Science may find a cure one day, but so far it has not. Certain drugs that ahve been around for a long time might produce some results, but they won't be permanent. Many Alkies who have been prescribed 'Antabuse' to try and stop them drinking will still drink even when the drug kicks in with horrendous predictable side effects.

Poor old George Best was a case in point. It was alleged that he had Antabsue implants but it still failed to stop him boozing even with the Antabsue kicking in when alcohol was ingested.

Total abstinence is the only relief the Alkie or Junkie will have - no booze, no drugs or it will kill them eventually. Active alcoholism amongst the Armed Forces has always been part of the culture. Every unit has its share of 'Old Warriors' who are the Unit Pissheads. Older Servicemen and women in their late 20s or 30s or even their 40s who still are in the rank of Private, Lance-jack or equivalent might be indicative of some problem.

I certainly saw quite a few around in the 1960s and 1970s. Human nature hasn't changed that much in the intervening years.
MilitaryMind said:
I pity people who are controlled by a substance , thats fcked up.
i,m contolled by a substance,i think its called money.

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