A credible way forward for Northern Ireland?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffd, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Firstly, let me state that my knowledge of things Northern Irish is minimal. I'm not pro-anything or anybody there. I'm merely wondering if there's any merit in the following.

    It seems that problems are ongoing. Part of the population favours republicanism, in itself not intrinsically a bad thing. Part of the population wish to be British.

    The idea.

    The British government states that from x date, possibly in 6 months to a year, it will declare Northern Ireland an independent country, free to determine its own governance and destiny.

    All people who wish to be British may emigrate to the mainland and must give up their NI citizenship. All people who remain become Northern Irish, free to govern themselves as they wish and to make treaties with whom they wish.

    Britain embarks on a house-building programme to ensure all incomers are able to be accommodated.

    Is this idea worthy of debate or should I just boil my head?
  2. Gas mark 3 should do it
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  3. Put the pan on.
  4. I vote that we give NI back to the Republic, make it a United Ireland and then unite Ireland and UK into the 'British and Irish Isles'.

    That way, the Republicans get NI back and the UK grows into a stronger union.
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  5. personaly i think the only cure is to give all of them 100k each, poke them out at bayonet point, nuke the place and then sow the ground with salt.
  6. Your head, does indeed need poaching.

  7. Ireland's already part of the British Isles, it's just not part of Great Britain.

    Confused? You will be
  8. Very generous with my tax money, aren`t you? What are you another bloody politician. By all means implement your plan but forget the financial nonsense.
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  9. For one thing, the republic don't want us. And although a new uk involving ireland is a good idea on the surface, it completely misses the point of republicanism .The irish dont want to be subject to the monarchy so making it part of the uk is definitely out.
    Interestingly the census figures show that 30 something percent of people in northern ireland identify themselves primarily as 'northern irish' so there is some merit in the idea of making it an independent country, but thats really not what anyone wants is it? the whole point of the struggle over the last 30 years is that the population either want to be part of the uk or part of ireland. A random compromise is a bit of a non sequitur in that doesnt really address the grievances of either side, just ignores them and puts the popluation in their own wee playpen where they would be expected to play nice and not bother the rest of the uk even though its a solution no one asked for.
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  10. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    100k, great. Stick your bayonet and point me towards Prague or Barcelona. I take it the 100k is on top of our immoveable assets which can be bought off at market rate. That on top of the other stupid ideas I've heard is the stupidest idea I've heard in a while. The place would be empty.


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  11. Yes, I know that! The key point is a new name that includes Ireland in it, i.e. it's not merging Ireland into the UK, it's a new country called the "British and Irish Isles'.
  12. With my solution, I would be at pains to point out that Ireland is not subordinate to the UK, the UK and Ireland are equal partners in this union, governed both from Dublin and London.
  13. thats like saying france and germany should just come together and be called fermany or grance.
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  14. Anyone who wants to live in an Irish Republic is free to do so. The border is open.
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  15. How about SpinelessNaziCuntistan?