A crate for doing your job?

Discussion in 'REME' started by phil37, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Why do some trades think that doing their job equates to doing someone a favour. It's mainly RECE MECHs, ARMRs and MTSMs although a Norman once tried to crate me and, yes, he was fat and ginger.

    Also, why do some WOs try to crate individuals who are just trying to have a quiet pint in their LAD bar or mess. I usually just **** them off and go home - it's the younger lads who suffer.
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    It depends whether you have been a prat to get yourself into the situation in the first place.

    Yes I expected a crate from the numpty who filled a landy with petrol instead of diesel and then drove it back to the depot for me to sort out.

    Yes I handed over a crate when I stupidly drove my wagon through a river crossing without checking the depth (stupidly relied on the pax saying he'd done it yesterday) and had to be towed out.

    No I didn't expect to cough up for the basics.

    All depends on the circumstances...some people push their luck, some people are just arrogant gits who dump crap on your door and expect you to fix it.

  3. As a metalsmith I got given crates if I did jobs for people that were not 'army' stuff - i.e. welding up exhausts, replacing sills on cars etc.

    I also got given crates if I repaired a military item that was damaged due to neglect or stupidity, the alternative was to send the dumbass away and tell them to fill out a 1045 in red, rady for Damage Report action.

    As an armourer, the equivalent was a fool who jammed 4" squares of fourby in a 5.56mm barrel, I would remove it for a fee...

    Feel free to refuse the 'crating', just be prepared for the perfectly legit consequences.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Recy Mechs are favourite for this - but only because so many people do such stupid things.....

    Ask any RM for their stories - the ability of people to get wagons where wagons aren't meant to go are astounding, they really are :)
  5. As an ARMR I rarley "crated" someone, unless they had done something so ridiculously stupid that it would have been rude not to.
  6. Or you can just do the job, and treat it as a "favour in the bank" for when you may need one...
  7. That's always an option, however not many Private soldiers could return a favour for me (unless they worked in the QMs..)
  8. They could stop p*ssing in your brew and wiping thier bellends round the inside of your beret for a week ?
  9. Crating is there for a reason and is usually, not only the cheapest option, but the least hassle to the bod requiing said help in the 1st place. :wink:

    A crate = the three monkeys. :D

    Edited 'cos I can't ferking spell!
  10. I agree all crating should stop immediately and the Damage Report system should be used robustly thus helping us identify trends!!
  11. This will make you chuckle,

    I am I/C Recovery in Cyprus and i got a cfn posted in to me. A couple of times people would come to me with a crate for some sort of reason.

    Mr Cfn took note of this and started asking for crates, now i did't know this untill i got the following phone call from CJPU.

    Mr Cfn was tasked to recover the MTWO'S car a week previous and he asked the MTWO for a crate, not that you would anyhow. Then this particular day i got a call from CYPRUS JOINT POLICE UNIT informing me that Mr cfn refused to be called out on duty recovery for the MTWO as he had not paid his crate from last time haha

    As you can Imagine Mr Cfn is not very popular in cyprus now
  12. Crates used to be hard currency in BAOR, crated for doing something stupid, or paying the nice REME chap who understands about cars and repairs and stuff, a crate (or yellow handbag) for repairing the Austin Maxi 1750 HL!
  13. I am an Ex Recy Mech.

    I was only ever gifted yellow handbags. Never had to ask in 13 years.

    Most people who needed our service were so grateful and it wasn't like walking into Man at Q&M with a bottle of Asbach.

    (Or perhaps it was) :?
  14. From a not into training yet REME wannabe...

    What the **** is a crate ? :D
  15. Crating is a gods send Got me out of a few scraps or two